The fertile Buje area is a mildly hilly area with Mediterranean climate. The vineyards and olive groves, making a typical Istrian landscape.

Velvety hills were inhabited in the Bronze Age, the Histri built their prehistoric hill-forts, the Romans founded colonies. And one of the most beautiful views of the green Istria is adorned by the one-time imposing mediaeval castle at the steep uplift of Momjan.

Here, you can also find one of the most famous wine roads in Croatia, with 23 famous wine-makers, and it is also a great pleasure to explore the olive oil roads, where you can discover everything about the production and processing this well-known produce, with appropriate tastings.

At the roads of the typical products of Buje, you will meet the wine connoisseurs, you will learn the secret stories from their taverns, and you will get the chance to meet the hard-working oil makers who call the olive the God’s produce.

What to do in Buje?


  • Parish Church of St Servulus, patron saint of Buje
  • Bell tower dating back to the 15th century next to the Church of St Servulus with a unique view of the Croatian, Slovenian, Italian and Austrian countryside
  • Church of St Mary of Mercy with a bell tower and "fresco" dating back to the 16th century
  • Tower of St Martin, one of the very few existing remains of the Venetian walls
  • Ethnographic museum with handicrafts belonging to the folk culture of the Buje area
  • Exhibitions in the town gallery Orsola
  • Wine roads and olive oil roads of the Buje area


  • The trendiest Istrian cuisine and exquisite local and foreign wines in the Stari Kaštel restaurant located at the top of a hill in the town of Kaštel, near Buje. You will surely be thrilled by the imagination behind the food specialties, the architecture and the romantic view of the salt fields in the Gulf of Piran
  • San Servolo, local Buje beer complementing the grilled dishes and the unique beer scones in the Beer House San Servolo
  • Dish of the day and other ones based on fresh seasonal produce following Istrian recipes in the tavern Stari podrum in Momjan
  • Pasta, prosciutto, bacon and other Istrian delicacies made by the crafty hands in the agrotourism Radešić in Krasica
  • Excellent pizza in the tavern San Leonardo or in pizza places Rondo and Aquarius
  • Find other restaurants, taverns and agrotourism destinations in our directory with contact information and addresses of restaurants in Buje.


  • Quality local produce of highly esteemed winemakers and olive growers from Buje either on wine and olive oil trails or on family estates
  • Local, home-made honey made by the numerous beekeepers from Buje and the surrounding area
  • Local Buje beer in the San Servolo brewery
  • Istrian truffles in the Zigante shop in Buje

Stay at...

Nightlife in Buje...

  • You will experience the nightlife in Buje to its fullest if you take your friends or family with you and enjoy the plentiful restaurants and agritourism spots of the Buje area and the delicious home-made cuisine and first-rate wines and olive oil
  • If you like to try your luck in the games of chance, then the Hotel Mulino Casinó, known for one of the most beautiful casino interiors in this part of Europe, will be the perfect place for you
  • Beer enthusiasts will surely find their idea of fun in the Beer House San Servolo which, in addition to its standard offer and very own beer, often has great live music performances
  • Nights in Buje are the liveliest during the Grape Holiday in September, when the visitors are welcome to take part in different games, tasting, music and dancing events

Around Buje...

  • Visit Momjan, a place of prehistoric past, and learn the story of the Momjan castle
  • Race in the popular Wine Run - Parenzana Magic or go for one of the cycling events
  • Have fun on the numerous water rides in the Aquapark Istralandia
  • Book an adrenaline Jeep safari through the wild Istrian hinterland
  • Enjoy the hike through the vineyards and olive groves
  • Kick back on a pebble beach in the pine tree shade in Kanegra
  • Or study other proposals for a holiday in Istria off the beaten track

The best time to visit Buje...

Buje will offer a warm haven to travellers who would like go back in time, those on the lookout for the next big culinary discovery, nature enthusiasts and cyclists, regardless of the time of year. Visit the olive oil fair Oleum olivarum in spring or soak in the beautiful weather on the mountain and cycling trails. Summer will be the perfect time to relax by the sea and in the shade of pine trees in Kanegra or to get some fresh air atop the Bujština hills. Young wine will be the autumn’s top offer, best if served with the Istrian forest produce and meat specialties. Hunters and forest produce pickers will enjoy the wintertime and the outdoor activities while others will have the chance to visit plenty of restaurants and go through their delicious menus. Find out all about the events,  options and service providers in Buje. Take a look at the weather forecast and head towards Buje.


Buje Brews

In 2013, the brewery of San Servolo was born just a few kilometers away from the town of Buje in northwestern Istria, claiming its name after the patron of the town. Brewing its beer according to the German Beer Purity Act of 1516, San Servolo uses only four ingredients to craft the perfect glass: barley malt, hops, ...
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Buje - the Guard City

The city of Buje had been an administrative, economic and traffic centre of the north-western Istria for a long time, up until the time when, with the development of tourism in the last approx. 50 years, the coastal town of Umag didn't impose itself as a new centre, drawing both population and a significant part of ...
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The Ethnographic Collection

In Buje, one must definitely see the museum that collects and holds the objects of the folk material culture of the Buje area. It is located near the entrance into the old town, across the church of Our Lady of Mercy. Its ethnographic collection contains tools, furniture and significant items of an old-fashioned ...
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A view from the belfry

Should you find yourself in Buje, walk along the old, stone-paved streets to the town’s ancient centre on the hill. On the main square, next to the resplendent Church of St. Servulus, stands a belfry dating back to the 15th century.
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Church of St. Mary of Mercy

A miraculous event defined the destiny of the church of St. Mary of Mercy on her construction outside the town walls. The old records say that a rich man named Paolo Razizze (Pavle Račica) from Buje, who had a vision of Our Lady in his dream in 1497, set out on a journey to a workshop in Venice in order to bring her ...
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