Istria truffles

Truffles in Istria

Istria truffles are a culinary winner that is hard to resist. Since the truffles are discovered in Motovun Forest some 80 years ago, it has continued to be a culinary “hit” of north-western Istria. Gourmets rush by the thousands to Istria’s konobas to experience its superb taste. Popular belief in its aphrodisiacal effect bolsters the magical cult of the truffle. Immediately after harvesting, the fresh truffle is either directly used as a food ingredient, or it is being processed in order to produce high quality products such as a variety of spreads, cheeses, oils, sweets, etc.


The Black Diamond of Istria

In the hinterlands of Istria, among the dark, dense forests surrounding the medieval towns of Motovun and Buzet, deep in the clay, an underground truffle mecca can be found. These are some of the richest grounds for uncovering the black diamond of Istria, better known as the truffle. Only the most experienced Istrians and their canine companions are capable of sniffing out this potent subterranean fungus. Istria’s abundance of truffles has been a well kept secret from the rest of the international food world for years, and people are ...

Istrian truffles: how to choose them and where to buy them

Istria is Croatia’s truffle capital. This valuable mushroom grows best in the Mirna river valley, and it can only be found with the help of trained dogs or domestic pigs during a “truffle hunt”. The prized Istrian white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) ripens between September and January, and it has an exceptionally intense, pleasant aroma. The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) grows in summer, and it is the most common variety of dark truffle. The winter truffle (Tuber brumale) has the most intense aroma of all dark truffles, and it grows ...

On the hunt for truffles

Among the dark, dense oak forests of northern Istria, just beneath the fertile soil, lies what locals like to refer to as pure gold. This coveted underground mushroom, the truffle, is unique to this specific region of the heart-shaped peninsula. Home to two types of truffles, the black, and the more pungent, premium ...
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Top three truffle dishes

His highness, the truffle... This is what the Istrians call the king of their local gourmet scene. Truffle is an absolute star and that’s why traditional truffle dishes are very simple – no other ingredient is allowed to overshadow it. We bring you three truffle dishes that are a true taste sensation. For a ...
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The truffle of Guinness World Records fame

There is yet another interesting fact about Istria. This is where Giancarlo Zigante, a local caterer and truffle hunter, and his dog, Diana, dug up one of the largest truffles ever found weighing 1.31 kg, on 2 November 1999 not far from Buje. The Guinness World Records listed this truffle as the largest in the world. ...
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Truffle of Istria - the gourmet gem worth the price of gold

Gourmet cuisine today is unthinkable without his Majesty, the truffle. The underground mushroom with potato-like body called tuber lives in the Istrian soil and is considered the highlight of the regional cuisine. Istria has become known for the highest quality truffles – especially the white truffle that can rival ...
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Autumn gourmet festivals

The rich culinary produce in the autumn always gives the Umag-Novigrad region an extra value. October and November are reserved for the Tuberfest, a truffle festival held in Livade. In addition to a variety of events, such as for example the evaluation of the largest and most beautiful truffle, there is a truffle ...
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Secrets of Motovun Forest

For more than two millennia, Motovun Forest has been recognised as a natural feature of the Istrian peninsula and the entire Croatian Littoral. Today half the size it once was, the forest covers about one thousand hectares of land along the Mirna River. It differs completely from the karst forests that surround it. ...
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