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We would like to introduce you to the Calendar of events of our region. We hope you will be able to find something for yourselves and thus spend with us great moments and bring home beautiful memories.

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  • 03Sep
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  • 04Oct

Air Cube Collection

A valuable collection of constructivist and kinetic arts, tactile and concrete poetry collected by the Austrian gallery owner Winfried Wünsch. It features paintings, sculptures, installations, graphics, drawings and photographs by Austrian, German, Croatian, Italian and Kuban artists. The selected exhibits comprise: works based on the analytical approach to art and a visual research of surfaces, structures and objects, close to the concept of the New Tendencies; pieces emphasising the analytical-rational relationship with language, or language as a visual and concrete form, and works of the Vienna Group conceptual artists. The collection is also on display at the Rigo Gallery.
  • 03Sep
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  • 04Oct

Aircube collection – in cooperation with the Galerie Wuensch Aircube, Linz (Austria)

A valuable collection of works of the Viennese conceptual artists (the Vienna Group), on loan to both the Rigo Gallery and the Lapidarium Museum courtesy of the Austrian collector Winfried Wünsch.
  • 25Sep

Alpen Adria Swim Cup

On 25th may 2021, Novigrad will host the last race of the Alpen Adria Swim Cup series, an open water swimming contest held for the first time in 2019. This fishermen's town on the western coast of Istria boasts stunning bays in a miraculous Mediterranean setting. Protected from the winds, it prides itself in a mild climate and tranquil seas, which makes it an ideal place for open water swimming. We have no doubt that Novigrad will leave a memorable impression on all and enter the big scene when it comes to this type of contests.
Tags : Sporting events , Sport , Novigrad

Event Location: Novigrad

  • 08Oct
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  • 30Nov

Roberto Ghezzi: Naturografie

An ambient art installation capturing the bond between MAN and NATURE, while transforming art into landscape (Land Art) and vice versa. The exhibition focuses on the works created in the summer of 2019 at the Mirna river estuary, a protected bird reserve, among the few left in the Mediterranean. Having completed extensive research studies of the estuary's aesthetic, physical, chemical and biological properties, Roberto Ghezzi (Corona, Arezzo) used the river as an installation in which he left his canvases deposited for months, thus mapping the values of the landscape and its great biodiversity.
  • 27May
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  • 28May

Sea Star festival

Tags : umag eventi , Umag

Event Location: Stella Maris, Umag

Here in Umag, EXIT is cooking up another edition of Sea Star Festival, whose brilliant atmosphere has been praised by audience and performers alike. So far, in addition to winning two nominations for the best European festival, the past three festivals exceeded all expectations, drawing hordes of visitors to the magical Stella Maris lagoon in Umag.

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