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Croatian peninsula of Istria has been promoting the true Mediterranean experience for years under the slogan “Green Mediterranean” and “Mediterranean as it used to be”.

And indeed, Istria is a place abundant in tradition, authentic experience, enchanting gastronomy, coastal tourism, clear sea and green inland rich in history.

The coast of Istria is a home to picturesque mediterranean towns: Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula etc. Inner Istria is recognizable for it's peaks: Grožnjan, Motovun, Oprtalj, Gračišće... and olive groves and vineyards below them maintain the warmth and the sent of nearby sea.


The Castle of Momjan

At some point in our childhood, we’ve all dreamed about what it would be like to live in a castle surrounded by a moat and guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. While these bedtime stories filled our young imaginations, as adults we’ve come to appreciate the true history behind these fortified structures that dot our ...
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The best time to visit northwestern Istria

Istria is the scattered blue of the sky and the sunny beach, the heady scent of the earth and the foggy valley, the cobblestone path and the green of the woods, the ancient folk dance balun and the jazz festival, the lonely lighthouse and the Hollywood film set. Just sit in your car, and in a few hours, you will land ...
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Occasionally, but only occasionally, I get tired of the sea and the beaches, swimming and sunbathing, waves and the calm sea and start longing after vegetation and rocks, solitude and the special peace that can only be found in Medieval towns. That is one of the reasons I love Istria. After enjoying the sea of the ...
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Istrian village - holiday in a tranquility of nature

Picture a handful of traditional Istrian rural stone houses surrounded by farmland and olive groves and rolling hills - this is a picture of an Istrian Village. Advantages of rural tourism are precisely its most important characteristics, namely the peaceful environment, the nature and home-made food and produce.
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Istria Holidays - try someting different!

Mention holidays in Istria and most people will have the image of sun, sea and rolling hills in the Istrian hinterland. But why not try something else? Watch the night stars in Planetarium, visit Istrian caves or take a full day cruise alongside Istrian western coast...
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Savudrija - something for everyone

Located in the far northwest of Istria, surrounded by fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, Savudrija is the ideal place for relaxation and for tourists looking for an active and adrenaline-packed experience. From windsurfing, biking and golfing, to pebble beaches, restaurants, bars and rich entertainment, Savudrija has ...
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Get to know the region of Buje

The characteristic karst landscape of the Buje Region opens up towards the sea at the coast of Kanegra, shrouded in low Mediterranean vegetation and lush and spacious pine wood touching the beach of sea washed pebbles. A spacious resort, the first one on the Croatian part of Istria offers bungalows in the shade of ...
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