Novigrad, once a peaceful fishing town, over the years has become a compelling touristic destination. Although being so popular among tourists from all around the world, Novigrad has to this day kept its intimate and irresistible charm of a typical quite Mediterranean fishing town.

Novigrad isn’t just a real architectural gem filled with astounding historical sights, rich cultural heritage and preserved natural beauty; Novigrad is also one of the top Istrian gourmet destinations where one can taste many gastronomic extravagance of the Mediterranean food. The Istrian excellent cuisine and its delights will spice up your stay and make your journey so comfortable you will for sure want to return to this charming town again.

The city walls have for centuries embraced and protected Novigrad’s rich history, its culture and valuable traditions.

In fact the first written reference to the city goes back to the distant 599 A.D. Novigrad was founded on the grounds of several villages that are known to have existed on this same land in the past- Neapolis in the Seventh century, then Civitas Nova in the Ninth century, and ancient Emona (Aemonia) in the 12th century. All of this states the fact that Novigrad’s background is filled with a rich and very turbulent past.

What to do in Novigrad?



  • Raw fish specialties known as Mediterranean Sashimi in the Damir & Ornella restaurant located in the old heart of Novigrad
  • Novigrad seafood dishes complemented with Istrian wines at the Čok restaurant near the harbour
  • Today’s catch menus featuring fish selection in the elegant “Marina” restaurant opposite Novigrad’s marina
  • Local wines travelling by a tourist train through Istrian vineyards and olive groves during the Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail event
  • Fancy something quick and simple? Novigrad offers plenty of bistros, pizza or fast food places. The delightful wine bars, cafes and ice cream parlours, homely atmosphere and friendliness of its people will enchant you.Find out more in our directory with contact information and addresses of restaurants in Novigrad.

Shop in...

  • 2 biggest supermarkets at the very entrance into the town or in small groceries all over the town
  • Numerous souvenir shops around the town offering hand-made produce and original Istrian specialties
  • Beach accessories, sunglasses, cycling equipment, fashion accessories or jewellery can be bought in specialised shops all over the town.

Stay at...

Nightlife in Novigrad...

  • Make sure you stop by the Coffee & Wine bar Vitriol, have a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the sea and the most beautiful sunset
  • Party at cafes and cocktail bars around town or try the Beach Club Macumba in Mareda, 3 km away from Novigrad
  • Novigrad offers plenty of events throughout the year: from food and music festivals to art and sports events. Find out more at Novigrad's event page.

Around the town...

  • Have fun at the first-class Aquapark Istralandia located just outside Novigrad
  • Visit the Antenal-Mirna ornithological reserve and have a go at birdwatching in the middle of breath-taking nature
  • Explore the numerous cycling paths leading you through some of the most beautiful sceneries in Istria
  • Explore wine and olive oil routes and taste the most precious Istrian produce
  • Set out on a day trip and discover the hidden treasures of small Medieval towns of the Istria's hinterland or go on a boat cruise and visit the well-known towns of the west coast of Istria
  • Or see our suggestions for holidays in Istria off the beaten track

The best time to visit Novigrad...

Are you a sports fan? Fancy some good food and drinks? Do relaxation and escaping the everyday activities sound good to you? In Novigrad you can enjoy the sports activities, gourmet specialties and excellent wellness stress relief programmes or relax on intact beaches throughout the year.

Find out more about the gourmet festivals, sporting, music and other events on Novigrad's events page. Check our accommodation section to find the best place to stay. Find the addresses and phone numbers of service providers you might need at the Novigrad's directory page. Check out the Novigrad weather forecast, create your itinerary and set out towards Istria. Welcome to Novigrad!


Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail – a unique wine experience!

Grab your map, because we're leading you to Novigrad's best wines along the Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail, which will thrill you with its flavors, scents and stunning landscapes. The adventure begins at the tourist train station at Mandrač harbor in the old town, from whence you will set off to explore the local wine ...
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Novigrad umbrellas – a colourful photo inspiration

From the old walls and the distinctive bell tower to the famous Mandrač harbour, Novigrad is full of picturesque locations reflecting history, telling their unique story and attracting the attention of visitors. However, this charming little Istrian town by the sea has recently gained a brand new attraction that ...
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The Best Beaches in Novigrad

Find your favourite Novigrad beach on the map - hover over the sun umbrella to see the beach name. Click on the umbrella marker to be taken to the section of the page below that contains beach description, information on facilities and the photo gallery. Or just scroll down the page and check each beach one after ...
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Punto Mare

On the Aminess Maestral Hotel beach, in the vicinity of the centre of the town of Novigrad, discover Punto Mare - a centre for top summer entertainment! An attractive sunbathing area, a modern swimming pool by the sea, refreshing cocktails and tasty snacks are just a part of the centre Punto Mare. Daily animation ...
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Lapidarium, a museum for a new age

Established several years ago and managed by a team of young professionals, Lapidarium Museum has helped usher Novigrad into a new millennium that poses novel challenges to towns in presenting their cultural heritage. The building housing the museum is in itself a curiosity. It is designed as two black boxes set in a ...
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A Safe Harbour - Mandrač in Novigrad

The nature has always made itself shelters and bulwarks from the stormy winds, high sea waves and the tempests. Such shelters, bays or “mandrač” areas, became places where people stayed, and it served as a shelter to the first settlers who established a small village in this area. Throughout the times, Mandrač in ...
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Kapešante of Novigrad

True gourmets consider the pilgrim scallop of Novigrad, or kapešante as it is called locally, to be one of the tastiest shellfish in the world, because it grows in the Novigrad marine area where salty seawater mixes with fresh river water. A gourmet festival entitled “Kapešante of Novigrad” is held each year in honour ...
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Novigrad's Romanesque Crypt

In church architecture, a crypt is a stone chamber beneath a church floor. It was used as a chapel or a room for safekeeping relics. Crypts originated from catacombs, underground tunnels and chambers from the first centuries of the Common Era in which early Christian communities held services and buried their dead. ...
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