Shy and reclusive at first sight, the green Brtonigla reveals slowly, and those who discover it, hardly resist to the power of its charm. It offers the best from the Istrian inland – natural parks and caves, picturesque hills, rich flora and fauna, and the excellently preserved small churches and chapels testify about the past.

The numerous acres of vineyards and olive groves are surrounded by pathways that lead towards meadows and woods, deep into the centre of vibrating nature that lives intact, far away from the modern civilization. It is also a place where you can find superior wines and olive oils - many family cellars and tasting premises invite the travelers to discover the authentic power of the local lifestyle.

In Brtonigla, you will discover the well-known San Rocco Hotel, a family hotel that has been declared the best in Croatia for four years in a row, combining the top-notch accommodation with the domestic cuisine.

Situated less than ten miles from the seashore, Brtonigla is a real oasis of quality vacation for the 21st century demanding traveler.

What to do in Brtonigla?


  • Parish Church of St Zenon, patron saint of Brtonigla, with a 36 m high bell tower, dating back to the 15th century
  • Medieval heart of the town
  • Small church of St Rocco, a local patron, built in the place where once stood an older church dating back to the 14th century
  • Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery in the centre of Brtonigla
  • Brtonigla's very own winemakers who produce highly regarded wines of this region from the wine grown on four types of Istrian soil- red, black, grey and white.


  • Traditional Istrian cuisine based on fresh seafood and produce of the amazing Istrian terrain with a modern age twist in San Rocco, one of the most award winning restaurants in Croatia
  • Freshly caught fish with potatoes, shellfish and scampi baked under a traditional terracotta bell (peka) and other traditional seafood dishes found on the menu of the konoba Astarea tavern
  • Istrian specialties from a wood-fired oven, special Istrian beef (boškarin), pizzas and the best local wines in Food&Wine Primizia
  • Local cuisine in typical Istrian agritourism such as Vinerino, Sterle and Klaj
  • Find out more in our directory with contact information and addresses of restaurants in Brtonigla.


  • Traditional local produce of highly esteemed winemakers and olive growers from Brtonigla either on wine and olive oil trails or on family estates
  • Local sheep cheese and curd cheese in the first family cheese manufacture in Istria; OPG Radošević
  • Local, home-made honey made by the numerous beekeepers from Brtonigla and the surrounding area
  • Hand-made decorations and furniture of the shabby chic style in the Maison chic shop

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Nightlife in Brtonigla...

Around Brtonigla...

  • Explore Cave Mramornica, underground Istria's natural phenomenon
  • Visit the Škarline Nature Park and enjoy the lush green canyon and the Škarline creek
  • Go on a hike up the mountain trails "Sveti Rok", "Zenon" and "Škrlinski kanjon"
  • Discover the breath-taking countryside taking the well-arranged cycling trails
  • Let your adrenaline rush in the most fun-packed Aquapark Istralandia right next to Brtonigla
  • Or study other proposals for a holiday in Istria off the beaten track

Enjoy in the "Ladin Gaj Sports" (Ladin Gaj Sports is your place for entertainment, recreation and sport. We offer activities such as tennis (6 courts), mini golf, beach volleyball and table tennis.).

The best time to visit Brtonigla...

If you like cycling, find true pleasure in nature and enjoy good food and drinks, Brtonigla is just the thing you need. Open wine cellars will welcome you with doors wide open as spring arrives, accompanied by the beautiful weather ideal for bike rides. During the summer, you can enjoy the shade as well as the view from one of the many delightful restaurants. Autumn and winter can be somewhat merrier if you spend them in good company enjoying a glass of the region's local wine, and some sole, squid or mushroom specialties, depending on the season. Check out the Brtonigla events page, accommodation options and service providers. Take a look at the weather forecast or choose to ignore it and simply head towards the Istrian gourmet capital. Welcome!


Sveti Juraj fortress near Nova Vas

Sveti Juraj fortress, also known as Santi Quaranta, is a protected cultural monument in the municipality of Brtonigla, located above the Mirna river valley near Nova Vas. The fortress is divided into a northern and southern part by an interior wall. Today, its trapezoidal floor plan and well-maintained walls are still ...
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Maison Chic - Local Flair

We all love taking trinkets and knickknacks home with us from our travels to be reminded of the destinations that have stolen our hearts. If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home with you from northwest Istria, Brtonigla has some unique options.
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The Feast of Saint Rocco - the guardian of Brtonigla

Way up north, near the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, lies the small town of Brtonigla. Known as the “Small place of great discoveries”, this settlement was erected on a scenic hill on top of the remains of a former castle overlooking an emerald landscape. With much to discover, Brtonigla offers picturesque ...
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The four soils of Brtonigla

Istria sits on four different types of soil, which are named after their colours – black, white, red and grey. Aside from colour, these soils differ in numerous other characteristics that make them suitable to raise various agricultural products – especially wine grapes. One of the four jewels of northwestern Istria ...
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OPG Radosevic - Master Cheese Maker

The history of Istrian cheese making began twenty years ago, when Branko Radosevic registered the first cheese plant on the Istrian peninsula, OPG Radosevic. After renovating a small hilltop home surrounded by lush green pastures in the village of Grobice near Brtonigla, Branko, with the help of his wife Kristina, ...
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Istralandia Aquapark

Are you ready for a new summer adventure and loads of fun and dosage of excitement? If your answer is „yes“, then your only choice is to head to the most entertaining aquapark in Istria, aquapark „Istralandia“.
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The Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery

In the complete shade of the hinterland of Brtonigla, in the idyllic green scenery, one can find the gallery of the academic sculptor and painter Aleksandar Rukavina (1934. – 1985.). It is nicely nested and adapted to the mild descent, following the natural configuration of the soil. The Memorial Gallery shows the ...
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Nature Park Škarline

To residents of the area, Nature Park Škarline is an inseparable part of local identity and holds an indelible place in the collective mind. Visitors to the area sometimes fail to discover this perfectly preserved nature park located only two kilometres from Brtonigla and named Škarline after the stream that springs ...
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Mramornica Cave - a karst beauty

When passing through Brtonigla don't miss the opportunity to visit Mramornica cave, considered by many speleologists to be one of Istria's largest and loveliest subterranean structures. Mramornica Cave was first mentioned in the writings of travel writer Albert Fortis in 1770. Today, it is open to both the ...
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Magnificent St. Zeno

The parish church in Brtonigla was named after St Zeno, an early Christian bishop from Verona, who is also a patron saint of this Istrian town. It is generally considered that St Zeno was a native of North Africa. During his 10-year service as a bishop, he carried out several reforms of church customs. The inside of ...
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