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Istrian wine is nowadays another unique symbol that truly defines the Istrian identity. There are various types of wines that reflect the diversity of climate and soil on which they are grown. Nevertheless, the most famous sort of Croatian wine is the Istrian Malvasia. Apart from Malvasia, in the area Northern Istria you can enjoy the great tastes of Teran, Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, a wine tour is also an adventure through the landscapes and pricturesque hills of Istria that you shouldn’t miss out on. When you travel the wine roads of the Umag-Novigrad region, you are setting out on an adventure through indigenous Istria, its landscapes and picturesque hills. While in search of wine cellars, you will come across secluded rural estates and a perfect blend of countryside life and modern trends. Each season adorns the vineyards with a new image; each harvest creates new champions.


Decanter Verdict: These are the Best Wines of Northwestern Istria

Istrian wines have been winning top awards at prestigious competitions for years now, and are particularly successful at Decanter, the largest global wine competition. This year’s edition of Decanter brought 2 bronze medals to northwestern Istria’s winemakers and these results come as no surprise considering the hard work carried out both in their vineyards and cellars.

Best Istrian wines paired with delicious Istrian cuisine

Best Istrian wines
Wine and food have always been a good match: one without the other, just doesn't feel right. For that reason we have selected Some of Istria's best wines to be paired with some of the region's most delicious specialities. All you have to do is come down to Istria and enjoy them – both. Degrassi Malvazija Bomarchese - this fruity Malvasia with a dominant taste of green apples and tender white flower notes goes great together with sea shells, oysters with a drop of extra virgin olive oil, fish and white meats. Degrassi Terre Bianche ...

Wineries of Northwestern Istria

The wine scene of northwestern Istria is exceptionally dynamic and diverse. We present you some of the wineries worth visiting, without taking anything away from the rest of the wine cellars you might come across when touring our winemaking region. Whichever you choose, you simply can’t go wrong.
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Sippin' Istrian Style - Discover the Unparalleled Sips of Northwestern Istria!

The well-known passion for turning juicy grapes into fine wines is what makes the Istrian region a perfect place for you to immerse in their signature flavors and aromas. Other than gorgeous landscapes, mild Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunny days, NW Istrian soil abounds in vineyards and is at the top of wine ...
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A bubbly Istrian adventure

Istrian soil is well adapted to all manner of adventures, especially wine-related ones. Istria features a mix of all five types of soil found in Croatia – black, red, sandy, clay and loamy – and this is just one of the secrets to our wines’ international success. In addition to the local Teran and Malvasia, Istria’s ...
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The Aroma of Istria - Feast Day of St. Martin

While many visitors flock to this boutique destination for the pristine beaches that dot the Adriatic Sea, Istria offers more than just a beautiful coastline. Just a few kilometers inland, travelers are greeted with a lush green landscape and Mediterranean climate, ideal for growing the precious fruit that is used to ...
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Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail – a unique wine experience!

Grab your map, because we're leading you to Novigrad's best wines along the Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail, which will thrill you with its flavors, scents and stunning landscapes. The adventure begins at the tourist train station at Mandrač harbor in the old town, from whence you will set off to explore the local wine ...
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Istria’s rosé wines – spring in your glass

When life begins to burst forth even from bare stone in the springtime, colouring Istria in all shades of pink, there is no more room for debate on the peninsula of love. Even a debate that has lasted since time immemorial – Teran or Malvasia. This is a debate no one can win, because both “warring” sides are supplied ...
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Wine Day in north-western Istria

The ideal date for a trip to the north-western Istria is the Day of Open Wine Cellars that has been traditionally held in the last summer in May throughout the world. On that day, the wine makers open the gates of their realms wide open, and, from the morning until the evening, offer the best they have from their ...
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Malvasia, the absolute queen of the Istrian wine cellars

Istrian Malvasia is described by connoisseurs as a full, rounded and harmonious wine of a specific flavour reminiscent of the smell of acacia flowers, while in the ripe wine you can taste a hint of bitter almond interwoven with a floral and fruity aroma. Picturesque Brtonigla is the place of origin of the premium ...
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Muškat Momjanski - A star among Istrian wines

Muškat Momjanski (Momjan Muscat) is perhaps the most splendid wine brand of the Umag-Novigrad region. For centuries, this special variety of white muscat has provided a delicacy that guarantees an authentic experience for the palate of any wine lover. It is appreciated beyond the boundaries of Istria as well. As far ...
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Teran - Istrian wine of the mighty

The first mention of Teran wine dates back to the fourteenth century, when it was served in ceramic bottles to imperial emissaries. Until some one hundred years ago, it was the most widespread variety in Istria. is a wine with character, strength, persistency and slightly higher acidity. Typically the wine of Istrian ...
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Wine roads in Northwest Istria

Istria’s wine roads lead to the very heart of the Istrian way of life, which has cultivated a special link with wines and vines since time immemorial. In many ways, the contemporary story of Istria and wine originated in the peninsula’s northwestern region, where new ideas began to emerge some 15 years ago. Those ...
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