Biking tracks in Istria, for example Parenzana as one of the most popular, are an ideal way for discovering it's natural beauties. Forests and streams, konobas and cellars, hidden chapels and ancient ruins - all these attractions are linked by more than 500 kilometres of bicycle trails. Come and see for yourself why the number of bikers on Istria’s trails has been growing rapidly over the past decade and why has biking in Istria become so popular.

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Bike E-book

Read the e-book offering advices and ideas on how to make your cycling visit to Istria an unforgettable experience you will always remember. Let it guide you through:

- A destination for cyclists of all profiles
- Bike trails that beckon you towards exploration and adventure
- Bike hotels for guests on two wheels
- Bike events you’ll want to come back to before you’ve even left

Istria Granfondo, more than just a cycling marathon

Cycling is one of the most popular sports and recreation activities in northwestern Istria, as proven by the numerous local events intended for those who love life on two wheels. However, the queen of bike events at this particular destination is certainly the Istria Granfondo, an international marathon that premiered in 2012, and has attracted a few hundred competitors each year, all "armed" with good will and a competitive spirit.

Northwestern Istria bike events

A significant number of successfully organized recreational and professional cycling manifestations was held in northwestern Istria. The events are international and a growing number of foreign and domestic bike tourists, mountain bikers and road cyclists are signing up for them. The participants are of different ages and physical predispositions and come in different combinations.

Park and Ride Umag

Umag is the first tourist destination in the Adriatic that boasts the public bicycle transport service. The system Park and Ride Umag, modelled after similar services in European capitals, provides simple rental of bikes which can be used by tourists and locals for moving around and touring the sights of Umag...

Bike friendly points

A Bike Friendly Point is a specially equipped corner in a hospitality facility or other service provider. It is located in the vicinity of a cycling trail and offers an array of services for cyclists in case of need. Bike Friendly Points allow cyclists to fix their bikes themselves with basic tools and spare parts, ...
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IMPORTANT: Rules of conduct
on Croatian roads

In order to make your cycling adventure on the more crowded parts of Istrian trails pleasant, we advise you to get to know the safety rules in force in the Republic of Croatia. Avoid a fine by following these pieces of advice: Cyclists should ride bicycles on the cycling track or cycling lane, and if there are none, ...
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Bike Hotels with dedicated bike experts

Bike Aminess Maestral Hotel and Sol Garden are the only hotels in Croatia that have a dedicated roadbike expert - someone who knows everything there is to know about cycling activities in north-west Istria, from information on biking trails, cycling day trips to biking equipment rentals.
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Bike Hotels of northwest Istria

As a region with a mild Mediterranean climate and a thick net of paths and side roads, north-western Istria is suitable for all kind of cycling sports. Special charm is given by its green hinterland which is distant only around ten kilometres from the seaside. The fantasy of explorers’ and curious people will be ...
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Northwestern Istria Bike Maps and Guide

The bike trails of northwestern Istria are some of the most attractive in Istria. The good connections between the coastal area and the undulating hinterland lead to some unbelievably beautifulviewpoints, amazing sea views and the hill of Gornja Bujština. Bit by bit, the trails climb up to the highest point that is ...
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Parenzana: The trail of health and friendship

Even today the older inhabitants of Istria remember the legendary Parenzana railway, which between 1902 and 1935 was the key route for the transportation of agricultural products in northwestern Istria. Although it has been out of function for many decades, a few years ago the Parenzana served as the inspiration for a ...
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Northwestern Istria-more than cycling

Owing to its natural and cultural richness, North-West Istria is a genuine cycling oasis on the Adriatic seaside. Its favourable climate and infrastructure go hand in hand with its rich gastronomic offer and beautiful landscapes and make this a place where the Mediterranean meets Central Europe and the cycling sport ...
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Bike Services

Categorised tourist facilities bearing the special “Bike Hotel” sign guarantee to take care of cyclists and their bikes during their stay. In addition to providing bike storage, bike repair services, laundry services, etc., these hotels also provide services and facilities such as swimming pools, fitness gyms and ...
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