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Every year in Brtonigla, there is one of the largest Istrian folk festival happening known as The Festival of St.Rocco. For this occasion Brtonigla is visited by a large number of tourists interested in cultural and sport events, exquisite food and superb wine this region has to offer. Along with The Festival of St.Rocco, other inevitable events in Brtonigla are the Festival of Lady Lourdes, Queen of Night, Stellar Chalices, and the Festival of Istrian Malvasia. Find our more about the events in Brtonigla down bellow.


Autumn Flavours |

  • 15Oct
  • ~
  • 21Nov
Longing for some homemade comfort food and a chance to go out for lunch or dinner? Visit Brtonigla this autumn and make the most of your culinary experience in one of the local konobas and restaurants where Autumn Flavours will take place. This special gourmet event is a unique opportunity to indulge in locally sourced autumn delicacies such as truffles, mushrooms, pumpkins, quinces, chestnuts, pomegranates and red radicchio… to name a few. They will be paired with wines and olive oils to enhance the taste of autumn on your palate.

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Mushroom days

  • 30Oct
  • ~
  • 31Oct
Manifestation dedicated to the autumn forest delicacy - mushroom. The traditional celebration of mushrooms "Mushroom days" will be organized by the Buje area mushroom pickers' association "Boletus" - Brtonigla branch, in cooperation with the Brtonigla Tourist Board and the Municipality of Brtonigla. Interesting and educational workshops and lectures will be held to familiarize the visitors with the world of mushrooms and raise the awareness of the importance of preservation, proper picking and identification of numerous mushroom ...

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Event Location: Brtonigla

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