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Every year in Brtonigla, there is one of the largest Istrian folk festival happening known as The Festival of St.Rocco. For this occasion Brtonigla is visited by a large number of tourists interested in cultural and sport events, exquisite food and superb wine this region has to offer. Along with The Festival of St.Rocco, other inevitable events in Brtonigla are the Festival of Lady Lourdes, Queen of Night, Stellar Chalices, and the Festival of Istrian Malvasia. Find our more about the events in Brtonigla down bellow.


Brtonigla Adventure Trek

  • 16Feb
Winter signs have already knocked at our doors. While most of the continent is trapped in the ice and snow, we invite you to the forth race of the new trekking season in the picturesque Istrian town of Brtonigla. Discover Istrian hidden treasures of untouched nature, enjoy the landscape around the river Mirna, run through the woods, Istrian vineyards and olive groves, walk up the hills featuring small medieval towns and from where you can enjoy unforgettable views stretching from Mount Učka all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Choco and wine fest

  • 16Feb
  • ~
  • 17Feb
Chocolate lovers do not miss the sixth Choco & Wine fest in Brtonigla! Passionate chocolate lovers always on the quest for more in the sweet world of chocolate tastes and flavours are invited to the 7th Choco & Wine fest in Brtonigla, revealing the new trends of pairing chocolate with wine to its visitors. The festival will be held on Friday, 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February 2019. On that day, you will be able to enjoy a menu that will, in a special way, blend chocolate and wine. The 9. Brtonigla Adventure Trekk, a sports ...

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Istrian Spring

  • 14Mar
  • ~
  • 17Mar
Organized by BK "Meridiana - Kamen Pazin" from Pazin, the international stage race through Istria, "Istrian Spring" this year, from the 14th to 17th of March, will experience its 16 edition. Superior bycicle riders from Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Australia, Canada, Nigeria and many other countries are competing for World Cup points in several challenging stages. Otherwise, this race can be found in the cycling calendar of the World Cycling Organization UCI (Union Cycliste International) and is ...

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Event Location: Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla, Buje

Spring Omelette

  • 28Apr
A culinary event dedicated to wild asparagus! An event dedicated to a spring delicacy - asparagus, organised by the Luciana tavern from Nova Vas. The programme includes a rich selection of food and wine, tournaments in the card games briškula and trešeta are also held, as is a contest for the longest asparagus.

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Wine cellars Open doors Day

  • 26May
The ideal date for a trip to the north-western Istria is the Day of Open Wine Cellars that has been traditionally held in the last summer in May throughout the world. On that day, the wine makers open the gates of their realms wide open, and, from the morning until the evening, offer the best they have from their production - the superior Istrian wine, welcoming the streams of guests and wine-tasters with lots of stamina and attention. Since there are numerous internationally recognized top-notch cellars in this small region of ...

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Event Location: Wine road of the Buje area

Colours of tradition - Harvest Festival

  • 05Jul
Our interesting afternoon itinerary will take you to Brtonigla, a village situated on a hill, surrounded by numerous vineyards and olive groves, only 10 minutes away from the sea. You will travel back in time by visiting and participating in old crafts workshops, during which the hosts will introduce you to the crafts of their grandfathers.

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Fest of our Lady of Lourdes

  • 20Jul
  • ~
  • 21Jul
The folk festivity of Our Lady of Lourdes in the village of Radini nearby Brtonigla has been commemorating the appearance of the Virgin Mary for over eighty years. Our Lady of Lourdes allegedly appeared in 1922 to a local woman Marina Pirovich, who communicated to the pastor the wish to build a church in Mary’s honour. Although her story invoked religious fervour in the hearts of other inhabitants who supported the idea, the priest remained unconvinced until the pleas were finally granted by the next pastor Roberto Galetti. The entire ...

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Event Location: Radini, Brtonigla

Karigador nights

  • 27Jul
  • ~
  • 28Jul
Imagine a relaxing summer evening besides the sea with good company, the aroma of fresh fish on the grill and the sound of the accordion. Pay a visit to the Karigador nights and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.Fish specialities, Istrian wine and traditional produce along with live music will spice up the experience of the otherwise peaceful and romantic Karigador. It is the biggest festivity in this peaceful fishermen village situated between Umag and Novigrad, bringing to life the entire bay and the nearby tourist camps.

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Event Location: Karigador

Saint Lawrence

  • 10Aug
  • ~
  • 11Aug
Every village in Istria has its own festivity and the inhabitants of Nova Vas, one of the oldest and largest villages in Brtonigla, celebrate the holiday of Saint Lawrence. Every August, this religious festivity brings merriment to the local population, accompanied not only with music and dancing, but also with an attractive hiking route across the nearby hillocks overlooking the largest river in Istria - Mirna. The historical fortifications in the surroundings are testimonies of life in Antiquity and the inhabitants will tell you that ...

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Event Location: Nova Vas

St. Roch’s Feast

  • 15Aug
  • ~
  • 16Aug
Brtonigla especially attracts its numerous domestic and foreign visitors in mid August, when a feast lasting several days is held to celebrate St Roch’s day, who is a patron saint of the town. What to do at St Roch’s Feast? For those coming for great food, Brtonigla offers typical Istrian dishes in taverns and agro tourist locations, as well at the street stalls. The greatest specialty is ox on the spit! The local farmers’ produce can be tasted within the folk’s fair where you can see and buy the traditional Istrian artefacts and ...

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Mushroom days

  • 26Oct
  • ~
  • 27Oct
The traditional celebration of mushrooms "Mushroom days" will be organized by the Buje area mushroom pickers' association "Boletus" - Brtonigla branch, in cooperation with the Brtonigla Tourist Board and the Municipality of Brtonigla. Interesting and educational workshops and lectures will be held to familiarize the visitors with the world of mushrooms and raise the awareness of the importance of preservation, proper picking and identification of numerous mushroom varieties, as well as the relevance of mushrooms, especially in the ...

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Event Location: Brtonigla

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