Umag-Novigrad region is definitely the number one tennis destination in Croatia and the Mediterranean. The most popular tennis tournament is held precisely in this region: ATP Croatia Open Umag. There are also many tennis schools here. On over 60 modern tennis courts, recreational players and professionals compete and enjoy themselves. Due to the comfortable climate, the tennis season does not stop even during the winter months, and the effort of playing in the summer is made easier by a refreshing sea breeze...


Northwestern Istria: Top tennis destination


30 years of Umag's ATP tournament

The rich history of the ATP tournament in Umag has been marked with amazing and often dramatic matches in which top international tennis players lost to far less experienced players. Many won their first titles in Umag, some abandoned matches due to injury or exhaustion, and the finals lasted from a speedy 61 minutes (Thiem and Sousa in 2015) to an exhausting 170 minutes (Verdasco and Andreev in 2008). Carlos Moya, the local audience favourite, has won the tournament five times while Croatian players have only celebrated twice, Marin ...

Goran Ivanišević ATP stadium

Although Goran Ivanišević may have never won Umag, in the end, Umag won him. The large tennis stadium located right on the beach at Stella Maris resort, where the ATP Plava Laguna Croatian Open has been held since 1990, bears witness to this endless love. In 2016, Umag’s central, seashell-shaped stadium received a new, but already famous name – Goran Ivanišević ATP Stadium.

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Tennis programs in Novigrad

Living the sports life in Novigrad would be unthinkable without tennis. Many prominent local and European tennis schools organise their camps and tournaments here, and recreational players and their families enjoy an active holiday. Players can choose from 23 clay courts near the Aminess Maestral Hotel and Aminess ...
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Tennis courts in north-west Istria

The impressive tennis infrastructure and the numerous tennis events prove that tennis is the most important secondary thing in north-west Istria. Both great names of the world tennis and tennis amateurs and enthusiasts practice on a total of 94 tennis courts in Umag and Novigrad.
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Plava laguna Croatia Open Umag

The Umag tournament is one of the most attractive global ATP International Series tournaments for men, and is responsible for the development of the many tennis schools, camps and tennis tournaments in the Umag area. Today, the town has 60 modern tennis courts and also an impressive ITC tennis centre Stella ...
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Northwestern Istria-Top tennis destination

As the host of a prestigious ATP tournament and region with excellent sports infrastructure, North-western Istria is considered to be a renowned tennis destination in the European context. Easily accessible from at least 10 countries, it has been attracting tennis professionals and amateurs from Croatia and abroad for ...
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