Camping in Croatia

History of camping

Although the beginnings of camping date back to the 19th century, camping as a way of spending leisure time became popular in the 20th century. Today, it is estimated that in the area of Central Europe alone, some 30 million guests are regular or occasional visitors of campsites.

Over 50 campsites along the Istrian coast

Camping is about going back to nature, enjoying outdoor activities and living under the blue sky in lesser or greater comfort. It restores in today’s people the link with nature that urban and technological civilisation has alienated.

In Istria and in the rest of Croatia, camping is primarily linked to the seaside and vacations on the Adriatic coast. Since the mid-20th century, more than 50 campsites have sprung up along the Istrian coast, usually in areas covered in pines, holm-oaks or olive groves with no rocky ground.

At first, campsites were few and provided a minimum of amenities. Their image of a natural oasis in pristine wilderness attracted Central European visitors, many of whom were nudists. Campsites were not always well organised and had little to offer. Nevertheless, they were paradise to adventurers who soon fell under the spell of north-western Istria’s charm, scenic beauty and friendly people, and repeatedly chose Istria as their summer destination.

Today, much has changed in the world of camping. There have been considerable developments in supply and demand. Accordingly, many Istrian campsites provide top-level luxury, mobile home, animation, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds and a handful of additional services and facilities for the entire family.

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