Nature & Camping in Istria

Emerging among unique natural riches, the campsites of north-western Istria were initially a paradise only for adventurers and nature lovers. Today this region boasts the largest number of 4-star campsites in Croatia. Despite this, the primeval link between camping, nature and wilderness is still going strong and is continuously refreshed by new incentives and ideas. Camping in Istria represents a bond between true nature and richness of modern campsites.


Sunsets in northwestern Istria

Spectacular, stunning, romantic… These are just some of the words of praise that escape from the mouths of visitors to northwestern Istria as they watch the sunset. Watching a sunset here is a bit like watching a play you don’t ever want to end. It is a spectacle that lasts mere seconds, but memories of it will remain imprinted in your thoughts for a long time to come. It’s almost like watching a famous artist paint a painting right before your eyes.

Mramornica Cave - a karst beauty

Mramornica Cave in Istria
When passing through Brtonigla don't miss the opportunity to visit Mramornica cave, considered by many speleologists to be one of Istria's largest and loveliest subterranean structures. Mramornica Cave was first mentioned in the writings of travel writer Albert Fortis in 1770. Today, it is open to both the young and the old seeking for adventure. From the very entrance of the cave, a steep stairway leads down to a large chamber filled with dripstone formations of different colours and huge stalagmites some 13 metres tall and up to ...

Giants of Motovun Forest

The luscious Motovun Forest tickles the imagination not only because of its soil in which the peculiar association of truffles and the roots of proud oaks takes place. The forest is also linked to tales of Veli Jože, an Istrian giant that legend says lived near Motovun. The legend inspired the Croatian writer Vladimir ...
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Eco-Games for Kids’ Fun Holiday

Long awaited holiday is the chance for a family to get together, to create memories of the moments spent together which children take with them as something dear and precious. Children always seek for new adventures so it is important to enable them the creative fun with their peers. If the fun is also educative, ...
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