The Novigrad Windsurfing School

You still haven’t experience anything in Novigrad if you didn’t set sail to the blue sea on a windsurfing board. Windsurfing is a sport for people of all ages who long for sea adventures. In a bay exposed to the winds Mareda camp is a home to the best windsurfing school in Istria.

The Novigrad sailing school

The experienced instructors will teach you how to enjoy the sea waves. You can choose a 2h introductory course and the 5h basic courses. If you are already experienced in tackling the waves in windsurfing, you can also rent the necessary equipment and enjoy the charms of the Adriatic.

The passionate surfers are offered the advanced windsurfing courses that include :

  • the start from the beach
  • start from the water
  • fuses and trapeze
  • speed surfing
  • jibe or turn down the wind
  • volcano and the front loop


Mob:  +385 99 22 65 822


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