Wellness in Istria

Wellness in Istria

Get away from everyday life and enjoy yourself using specially designed wellness and spa packages in the best wellness centers in Istria. With a longstanding wellness tradition, Istria has modern wellness and spa facilities that are open year-round. After indulging in wellness programmes, the mild Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation will lure you outdoors where the possibilities are numerous: the vicinity of the sea, romantic promenades and picturesque walking trails, helping to achieve your overall well-being… So why not enjoy a weekend for two in Istrian wellness and spa centres, or even spend the whole week and experience the philosophy of a relaxing and superior life style, returning back to everyday life with a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.


Spring detox

We only get one body, so we need to take care of it properly. Even if we do sports regularly, watch our diet and give ourselves enough time to relax, the rhythm of modern life puts our bodies under great stress. That's why, once or twice a year, you deserve a true "royal treatment" – detoxification.

Choose a wellness centre

The wellness centres of Northwestern Istria and their professional staff are eager to fulfil your every wish and cheer you up with their imaginative programs or to design custom ones tailored to your individual needs. Sports-medical treatments, beauty and relaxation treatments, the benefits of sea water, revitalization of the body with Thai massage and treatments, Ayurveda taking the holistic approach and aesthetic dermatology are only part of the versatile wellness offer of Northwestern Istria.

Wellness and the world-class gourmet food of NW Istria

First used as a concept by Sir A. Johnson in 1654 to describe "good health", wellness has since outgrown its initial meaning, turning into a holistic philosophy of living. Wellness implies discipline over oneself and the quest for an elevated state of body through the establishment of inner peace and ...
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Wellness throughout the season

If at any point in the year, you stop and ask where your vitality, regular physical activity, healthy diet, positive attitude and relaxation have gone, you're certainly ready for a wellness holiday. If you're unable to put aside an entire week due to work obligations, don't worry – a wellness weekend of two to three ...
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Nautica Wellness centre – Pleasures of the Orient

Let the wellness centre of the Nautica Hotel in Novigrad be your choice for an intimate and truly relaxing experience. Enjoy the intimate surrounding with a dash of the Orient and the heated swimming pool, Turkish and Finnish sauna, whirlpool and delightful facial and body treatments.
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Benefits of wellness in Istria, hotel Sol Umag

Wellness & beauty centre Istrian Relax Village offers the authentic experience of the Istrian landscape, attractive whirlpools, thematic saunas and exclusive wellness & beauty treatments. In order to provide the original Istrian experience, Istraturist Umag has been offering guests at their hotels and facilities ...
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Hotel Maestral - new name for wellness in Istria

When new Istrian wellness centre opened in Novigrad's Aminess Maestral Hotel in 2010, it was not only just another shining step forward in the development of this sophisticated object, but also an excellent complementation to the overall offer of Novigrad and its surroundings. The wellness complex covers 2500 m2 of ...
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The Body Holiday

The Sol Garden Istra hotel in Umag and its wellness centre The Body Holiday are a combination of traditional indigenous Istrian heritage and the latest architectural innovations. The high category of this wellness and sports-revitalizing centre of north-western Istria, with its surface of 1000 m2 and numerous ...
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San Rocco-Wellness in the heart of Northwestern Istria

Family boutique hotel San Rocco is situated in Brtonigla, a typical Istrian hill town, known as the “town of wine”. Our guests can expect a luxurious rural pastoral in the green inland of Istria, as regularly reaffirmed by the Fernetich family with rewards for the best small family hotel on the Adriatic. Wellness ...
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Prestige Wellness & Spa, Casino Hotel Mulino

Massage has been used as a form of therapy for more than a millennium, and many massage techniques and styles have been developed. Even healthy people can benefit from its soothing effect. North-western Istria boasts a number of wellness centres providing a broad range of anti-stress and anti-fatigue massages. One ...
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Wellness oasis of hotel Villa Rosetta

Discover the charming hotel Villa Rosetta in a little oasis of tranquillity in the magical landscape of Northwestern Istria. Located in the village of Zambratija near Umag, in the region visited for holidays from the era of Ancient Rome, Villa Rosetta is a delightful refuge on the very strand of the Adriatic ...
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