Beaches in Istria

Beaches in Istria

Istrian coast is characterized by a number of Blue Flag beaches. Some of the best beaches in Croatia are in the area of Umag and Novigrad. They are formed of picturesque coves, bays and capes, and rocky and pebbly beaches that invite into radical world of sea. While most beaches provide a variety of services and facilities, some have preserved a wild, untamed appearance. Belts of pine and olive trees will protect you from the summer heat. Caring for sustainable development has crowned beaches of Umag, Novigrad and Brtonigla riviera with numerous Blue flags.


The Best Beaches in Novigrad

Find your favourite Novigrad beach on the map - hover over the sun umbrella to see the beach name. Click on the umbrella marker to be taken to the section of the page below that contains beach description, information on facilities and the photo gallery. Or just scroll down the page and check each beach one after another.

The Best Beaches in Umag

The coast of northwestern Istria offers many lovely beaches, and some of the most beautiful in all of Istria are located in Umag. Blue Flags fly over three beaches in Umag: Laguna Stella Maris, Polynesia / Sol Katoro and Kanova beach at Camping Park Umag. Umag has many different kinds of beaches – sandy beaches, pebble beaches, rocky beaches, paved beaches... All you have to do is decide which suits you best. Browse our list of the most beautiful beaches in Umag and the corresponding photo gallery, map, and sea temperature chart for each ...

The bays of northwestern Istria

Northwestern Istria's indented coastline is full of bays and inlets hiding beautiful beaches – many bearing Blue Flags – and delightful villages. They are ideal for a relaxed holiday with a view of the open sea in the shade of trees, while those looking for adventure will surely head off to explore its hidden corners.
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Kanegra beach

I drove about 15 minutes from Umag to Kanegra beach. It’s 9AM. All the unmarked parking spots under the trees are packed with cars. I leave my car at a parking lot 500 metres from the beach. I bump into some cyclists and guests from the nearby campsite on my way to the beach. I push the fine pebbles around with my ...
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Laguna Stella Maris beach

I ride the kids’ train three kilometres from the centre of Umag. I’m going to Laguna by myself. This train always brings me straight back to my childhood, because everything here is for kids – starting with the big, crazy rubber floating island where kids can jump, slide, and have fun. I get off the train near the ...
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Croatian holiday beaches that you will want to explore

Wherever you go in Croatia there are beaches that you really should explore to make the most of your holiday. Croatia's varied, scenic and at times, dramatic Adriatic coastline stands out in the Meditteranean region as a beach explorer's adventure land. Read our Croatian beaches guide!
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Quality of Istrian Beaches

Within Istria, the air and water quality have been tracked systematically since 1980s, due to the active protection and preservation of natural environment. Since 1988, there have been regular sea measurements at the beaches in the Republic of Croatia, in accordance to the legal provisions harmonized to the EU ...
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Blue flag beaches of Istria North-West

The blue flag, annually awarded to beaches and marinas is an international ecological programme for preservation of sea and coastal areas. The strict assessment procedure requires water cleanness, protected environment, beaches with adequate facilities, accessibility for the disabled persons and informing the public ...
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Karpinjan Beach

The Karpinjan beach in Novigrad encompasses approx. 500 m of the seashore in the similar bay north of this romantic town. A large part of this coastal area is organized and covered with pebbles, while in the lesser part the beach retained its wild outlook and rocky entrance into the sea. Karpinjan beach is only 1 km ...
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Savudrija lighthouse

Although it is not totally isolated and inaccessible, the Savudrija lighthouse does, nevertheless, offer its own peace and mystic charm, just as all the lighthouses in the world do. It is ready to talk about the rich history of the Umag-Savudrija area, almost two centuries old… An interesting and totally authentic ...
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