Nautical centre in Novigrad

Marina Nautica - Nautical centre in Novigrad

Located in one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic, Marina Nautica in Novigrad is one of the most up to date marinas in Croatia.

A tradition tied to the sea

Novigrad’s walls had for centuries embrace and protect its rich and long tradition, which is deeply linked to the Adriatic Sea that surrounds the town. The bond between the population and the sea industry is huge. In fact, to this day, the Adriatic Sea represented life, survival and continued existence for Novigrad and its residents.

Connected to that, the position Novigrad is settled on is remarkable. Novigrad’s port and the bay itself are fully protected from strong winds, which have made the town of Novigrad an ideal harbour for different kinds of ships and boats.

Where Novigrad’s tradition meets the modern Nautica Marina

Since Mandrač was always one of sailors’ favourite stops on their journeys, few years ago a new modern marina and a nautical centre were built. It is in fact one of the most up to date marinas in Croatia, with nearly 400 berths in front of an exclusive hotel and other marine support facilities that offer excellent maintenance services throughout a combination of traditional and modern technology, located in one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic.

Nautica Marina Hotel

Nautica Marina also features a hotel offering additional comforts to its guests and visitors.

The exclusive marina is open throughout the year, and it is easily accessible to vehicles. Its special charm lies in its proximity to the old town centre which is just on the other side of Novigrad’s bay known as the bay of St. Anton.


Marina Nautica

Ul. Sv. Antona 15, Novigrad

Tel: +385 52 600 480

Fax: +385 52 600 490



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