Year-round recreation in northwestern Istria

If you choose your holiday destination according to the sports habits and activities you’re not willing to give up even on holiday, northwestern Istria has exactly what you’re looking for. Every recreational athlete knows that exercise increases levels of serotonin, the “happiness hormone”, and that you need enthusiasm and a smile on your face for a great holiday. Find all this in sports activities throughout northwestern Istria, which you can enjoy all year round.

Hiking, jogging and running

If you like to stand on nothing more than your own two feet, hiking, jogging or running will let you rack up those much-wanted miles on various paths. Along its two-hour course, the Sveti Zenon hiking path out of Brtonigla will introduce you to Škarline nature park and numerous vineyards and olive groves. The appealing Parenzana sports and recreation trail will take you through a valley and over green hills to a mediaeval town – this trail is a top choice among runners and cyclists.

Cycling, rollerblading and Nordic walking

Bicycles are the ideal mode of transport if you’re looking to have fun and encounter northwestern Istria’s cultural and historical points of interest while getting fit. Marked cycling trails will lead you through the interior’s untouched nature and charming towns you can reach only on trails intended for two wheels. You can also experience the beauty of northwestern Istria on rollerblades – the area’s seaside trails are the best choice for this particular sport. Most of the terrain in the interior is also perfect for Nordic walking, but the Umag Riviera is the most frequent choice for recreational Nordic walkers.


Lovers of undersea life to whom a swim simply isn’t enough can discover the beauties of the local sea by diving. In addition to getting to know the various plant and animal species, this adventure will also take divers to numerous undersea caves and shipwrecks.

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