The popularity of football in Croatia is increasing with age, so it is not surprising that in Istria more and more football clubs and soccer schools emerge. Much has been invested in the football infrastructure of Istria that is why a lot of football first division teams come to preperations. What’s more, because this part of Istria has the largest number of registered soccer players per 100 inhabitants, we can say with confidence that the most important incidental matter on earth holds a principal place in the everyday lives of Istria’s people.


Umag Trophy

As a renowned sports town, Umag boasts superb facilities for football tournaments and training camps. It enjoys a pleasant climate and is situated at an excellent location close to the Italian and Slovenian borders and the airports of Trieste, Venice and Ljubljana. It is, therefore, not surprising that numerous globally acclaimed football teams choose Umag for their training camps and tournaments.

International football tournaments in northwestern Istria

We all know the old saying that football is the most important of all unimportant things in the world. And there would be no good football without good matches and tournaments. Northwestern Istria has recognized this, hosting 2 big football tournaments of both men's and women's international clubs and national teams at the beginning of the year – Istria Winter Cup and Istria Women's Cup.

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Which top football teams train in Istria

Thanks to their convenient location, an enjoyable climate, excellent sports and accommodation facilities, sports tradition and organisation, Umag and Novigrad proudly welcome many international clubs and national teams choosing the 2 towns for their football trainings and multi-day camps. Find out which national teams, European top football clubs and Croatian clubs choose northwestwern Istria for their trainings and camps.

Football Preparations

The mild climate and the complete sport infrastructure are just some of the assets of the northwest Istria as a great destination for winter and spring preparations of football teams. The professional athletes will find everything they need for reaching top form – a quality and specially adjusted cuisine, ...
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Football pitches in Umag and Novigrad

The region is proud of a large number of football fields, places where healthy sporting spirit is developed and where future champions are made. There are eleven football fields in Umag in total; five of them are located directly in the town. The large football complex Stella Maris is located in close vicinity of ...
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Northwestern Istria-the new world of football

The long tradition of football in north-western Istria gained new momentum in the last decades through the wide spectrum of services and contents in the organized sports tourism sector. Owing to the developed network of football pitches and excellent accommodation and organization capacities, Umag and Novigrad became ...
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