Waterfall, lake, abyss – Butori

If you head from Buje towards Oprtalj, after the village of Marušići, you will find a signboard at a small crossroads that will lead you straight to the top of the mysterious Butori waterfall and abyss. Although this lesser known karst phenomenon in northwestern Istria is hidden from view, its beauty is simply inspiring. A 10m high waterfall runs out of Jugov creek and falls into a pool, then disappears into an abyss, creating a fairy-tale scene and a magical atmosphere.

The inspiration of European poets

The meditative sound of water, the forest, the old mill and moss make for a true wellspring of inspiration. This fact is well known to local artists, who hold a Meeting of Forest Poets from various countries in Europe in the clearing above Butori each August with bonfires, lamps and torches.

The mulberry tree planted in 2011 near the Butori waterfall during the first meeting of the poetry lovers has become the symbol of the event.

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