Flora & Fauna in Istria

Believe it or not, the Umag-Novigrad region is home to more than half of all European bird species. Motovun Forest is the source of myths and legends and one of the last remaining forests of its kind in the Mediterranean. Figs, olives and grapevines are the products of Istria’s fertile soil and mild Mediterranean climate.


Giants of Motovun Forest

Motovun Forest
The luscious Motovun Forest tickles the imagination not only because of its soil in which the peculiar association of truffles and the roots of proud oaks takes place. The forest is also linked to tales of Veli Jože, an Istrian giant that legend says lived near Motovun. The legend inspired the Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor to write a story entitled Veli Jože. In one of the story’s episodes, the giants use the forest’s oak trees as brooms to sweep away the enemy in a battle against knights and their army. Throughout history, many special ...

Mramornica Cave - a karst beauty

Mramornica Cave in Istria
When passing through Brtonigla don't miss the opportunity to visit Mramornica cave, considered by many speleologists to be one of Istria's largest and loveliest subterranean structures. Mramornica Cave was first mentioned in the writings of travel writer Albert Fortis in 1770. Today, it is open to both the young and the old seeking for adventure. From the very entrance of the cave, a steep stairway leads down to a large chamber filled with dripstone formations of different colours and huge stalagmites some 13 metres tall and up to ...

Squirrel Park

In Umag, squirrels can turn a stroll along the shore in the shade of majestic pines into fun for the whole family. These frisky, unpredictable little animals are a delight to watch. Squirrels are exceptionally widespread in the Umag area, and in their honour, the people of Umag have founded Squirrel Park, an ...
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Bats – a part of the world’s eco-system

In addition to land crabs, several specimens of the bat species Myotis myotis roost in Mramornica Cave. Bats form a part of the global eco-system. In the Umag and Brtonigla region with its favourable climate and terrain, bats pollinate numerous nocturnal plants. These small, secretive animals have a great impact on ...
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