Istrian Šterna

Clean as can be

The recognizable and wide-accepted ecological-educative initiative Istria, keep it clean, keep it green encompasses various activities aiming to preserve the ecological balance in Istria. The overall initiative embraced the most beautiful of all seasons with its symbolic beginning on the first day of spring.

The initiative engages different participants every year, from tourist boards, towns and municipalities, sports associations and hiking clubs to townsfolk, especially kindergarten and school children. They all share a common wish: to preserve a healthy living space and a clean natural environment.

During its seventeen editions, this valuable initiative contributed to the clean-up of illegal waste dumps, waste disposal, familiarization with the protected Istrian landscape and endemic species growing in the region, construction of tourist access roads, tree planting, cleaning of the sea bed and other ecological activities.

Previous action themes:

  • 1995. Cleaning the environment by removing waste
  • 1996. Uncontrolled landfills
  • 1997. Protected nature sites
  • 1998. Planting trees
  • 1999. Wrecks removal
  • 2000. Waters
  • 2001. Sea and forests
  • 2002. Light pollution
  • 2003. Underground (karst caves) and underwater
  • 2004. Image of Istrian spirituality (architectural heritage and environmental setting)
  • 2005. I have my own nature park too
  • 2006. Choosing the largest downy oak in Istria with a motto: Take the white road from the oak to the village
  • 2007. Istrian lookouts
  • 2008. Birds with a motto: Everything's better when birds are around
  • 2009. Istrian stone shelters "kažuni"
  • 2010. Bicycles
  • 2011. Istrian wells "šterne"
  • 2012. Water sources with a motto: Sources of water – sources of life
  • 2013. Pools

The initiative Istria, keep it clean, keep it green was conceived and conducted by the Istria Tourist Board in cooperation with offices throughout Istria.

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