Precious Gault&Millau chef hats

Gault & Millau is one of the best-known French restaurant guides, and is equally important in the restaurant world as the well-known Michelin guide. It was founded in 1965, and rates exclusively food on a points scale from 1 to 20, while atmosphere and service are additional information in the guide.

In the world of restaurants just as important as the more familiar Michelin, evaluates only food, on a scale from 1 to 20, while the information on atmosphere and service are given separately. Restaurants must earn at least 10 points to be included in Gault&Millau, and only two restaurants in history have won 20 points!

The leading Austrian guide “Gault Millau” included Istrian restaurants onto its pages for the first time in its 2002 edition. In that year, four of their culinary hats appeared in Istria, but their number is rapidly incre-asing every year.

Gault Millau rates the kitchen by its seasonality and freshness of theproducts used, creativity and harmonio-usness of preparation, none of which are lacking in the restaurants of north-western Istria.

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