Olive oil in Istria

Olive oil in Istria

As a symbol of the the Mediterranean, olive oil has always been much more than an ordinary food ingredient. Olive oil production in Istria has a long manufacturing tradition which is is runned by autonomous olive makers. In fact, at the international exibitions, Istrian olive oils are often awarded as being one of the best oils in the entire world. Therefore, if you're on holiday in Istria, take a tour of the Olive Oil roads and learn all the details concerning Istrian oil makers, olive growers, cellars and small taverns.

The olive harvest in northwestern Istria

The olive growing tradition in Istria is more than two millennia old. The first to plant olive groves here were the ancient Romans, who recognised the potential of this fertile region. This is witnessed by archaeological findings of Roman mills and olive presses, as well as amphorae, which were once used to store and transport oil.

From cuisine to beauty – using olive oil in everyday life

Olive oil is the elixir of the Mediterranean. It means the life and love the olive growers of northwestern Istria have been offering their olive trees for centuries, which in turn thank them with the rich harvests that even today provide some of the best olive oils in the region and the world.

Vergal olive oil in the prestigious company of the world’s best oils

Did you know that Istria was named best olive oil region in the world? Approximately 60 of its oils were listed among the highest quality oils in the world, and many of them come from the northwestern Istria. Part of this elite group is the multi-awarded Vergal extra virgin olive oil produced by the Aminess hotel ...
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Taste olive oil where they make it best

Istrian oils are celebrated the whole world over, but those from Istria's northwestern corner are produced in the most amazing micro-location. Flos Olei, the most important international oil catalogue, includes 60 olive growers from the Buje region every year, and we can proudly say that these are the best oils in ...
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Olive Oil: The Essential Guide to Liquid Gold of Northwestern Istria

Deeply rooted in Istria's history, olives have been cultivated and pressed for their treasured oil since Roman times. Northwestern Istria is home to acres of olive oil trees, thriving under the sun and spreading their distinctive beauty across hills and red-soiled valleys. Flos Olei, the prestigious guide of the best ...
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Olive oil roads

The olive oil roads of Istria will take you to some of the most outstanding olive oils in the world. Istria’s olive oils were highly valued even in the time of the Roman Empire. Marcus Valerius Martial, writer of epigrams who lived in the first century, paid tribute to Istria’s olive oils by exclaiming that his ...
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Istria in the Flos Olei Guide

Flos Olei is the most important international guide to the world's best extra virgin olive oils. It includes the greatest number of reviews of extra virgin oils from around the world. The guide has proclaimed Istria the best olive-growing destination in the world several times, while Istrian oils account for 15% of ...
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Mediterranean diet

Today considered one of the world’s healthiest nutrition regimes, the Mediterranean diet is increasingly recommended to weight-watchers and for the prevention of heart disease. It involves the high consumption of leafy and other vegetables (legumes, tomatoes, chard, lettuce, asparagus, onions and garlic), olive oil, ...
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The secret and the beauty of the olive oil

Olive tree is the oldest known planted tree on Earth that has been around some 6,000 years ago. It is a symbol of the Mediterranean countries, warm climates where it has found its home. An olive branch is a symbol of peace while the olive oil, due to its structure, a sign of longevity and overall good health and an ...
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