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Gastronomic events in Istria


The Holiday of Grapes

  • 18Sep
  • ~
  • 19Sep
Buje is a place of fertile fields and vineyards. It has a one-hundred year old tradition of celebrating and giving thanks for the produce of its land. In early times, the festival symbolically marked the start of the grape-harvesting season. Today, it is a prominent and well-known celebration with a variety of programmes, numerous games, tasting sessions, music and dance.

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Event Location: Buje

Mushroom days

  • 24Oct
  • ~
  • 25Oct
The traditional celebration of mushrooms "Mushroom days" will be organized by the Buje area mushroom pickers' association "Boletus" - Brtonigla branch, in cooperation with the Brtonigla Tourist Board and the Municipality of Brtonigla. Interesting and educational workshops and lectures will be held to familiarize the visitors with the world of mushrooms and raise the awareness of the importance of preservation, proper picking and identification of numerous mushroom varieties, as well as the relevance of mushrooms, especially in the ...

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Event Location: Brtonigla

Martinje - Feast Day of St. Martin

  • 13Nov
  • ~
  • 15Nov
Each November, when the sweet juice of new wine is born, the town of Momjan celebrates the Feast Day of St. Martin, its patron saint. European traditions consider this Catholic saint to be the patron saint of vintners and wine growers and, in many countries, new wine is “baptised” on this very day. Momjan, a small historical town north of Buje, is no exception. It is well known among wine and vine authorities.

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Tags : Food & Wine , Gastronomic events , Winemakers , Buje

Event Location: Momjan, Buje

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