Smithies of happiness, challenge and fun

Umag Casinos add variety to entertainment offer to town's visitors. After a nice evening meal followed by a few cocktail drinks in one of Umag's lively bars - what is better than to visit one of Umag's casinos and try a bit of luck in gaming?

Casino Elite - Umag

Umag's Casino Elite is located within the 5-star Hotel Melia Coral. The casino has a rich offer of over 100 latest slot-machines and state of the art electronic roulettes.

Contact - Hotel Meliá Coral:
Tel-fax: +385 52 463 126
Working hours: 0-24

Casino Hotel Mulino - Buje

An excellent casino close to Umag can be found in Casino Hotel Mulino whose gambling and entertainment centre has 20 tables and 260 slot machines.

Contact - Casino hotel Mulino:
Škrile 75, Buje
Working hours: 0-24

Casino Zephir - Buje

It is located within Plovanija restaurant on the Croatian-Slovenian border. It offers a selection of several games: poker, black jack, French roulette, American roulette, railway and numerous slot machines.

Kontakt - Casino Zephir:
Portoroška 3, Plovanija
Tel: +385 52 725 210

Did you know?

Games of chance are probably as old as humanity itself. It is believed that they were popular all the way back in the ancient Chinese culture, yet China wasn’t the only country that contributed to their development. When some 3 500 years ago wheel was invented in Babylon it probably didn’t take long to develop the first, primitive roulette. Ancient Greek soldiers were famous for their love of dice games…

During the course of history the popular casino games got more and more sophisticated throughout Europe. In the beginning of the casino culture they were places for dancing, music and fun. In the second half of 19th century the word Casino is used for rooms intended for games. The word probably derives from Italian and means “a little house”.

Casino is today an integral part of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but also an interesting place for an adult to have fun. The type of guests varies from the regular and enthusiastic to the occasional ones who see it as good occasional fun.

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