Entertainment in Istria

Spectacular concerts in Stella Maris arena in Umag, top performances by the best jazzers in Novigrad, the unmissable traditional fiestas in Brtonigla and Buje are part of a very versatile and always well-attended panoply of events in north-western Istria! This year as well you can enjoy in numerous musical, cultural, sports and gastronomic manifestations or try your luck in one of elite casinos. Let the fun begin!


Booze and Blues – a club for a great night out in Novigrad

The atmosphere of an American blues & rock club, great music and an intoxicating sea view are the greatest assets of Novigrad’s Booze and Blues bar, located within the luxurious Nautical Marina & Hotel complex. After winning the hearts of many at its original location in Zagreb, the new bar was opened in Novigrad, immediately enriching Novigrad’s summer offerings and making Istria’s club scene even more appealing.

Sea Star Festival – A new European festival star

Held for the first time in Umag in 2017, in the spirit of love, tolerance and music, Sea Star Festival marked the sensational beginning of the Exit Summer of Love, which brings together more than 350,000 people at four important music festivals in Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. One of the best new festivals in Europe In its very first year, the festival won an award for Best New Festival in Croatia, and it also ranked among the top ten in the European Festival Awards’ Best New Festival category. The premiere Sea Star Festival ...

The Aroma of Istria - Feast Day of St. Martin

While many visitors flock to this boutique destination for the pristine beaches that dot the Adriatic Sea, Istria offers more than just a beautiful coastline. Just a few kilometers inland, travelers are greeted with a lush green landscape and Mediterranean climate, ideal for growing the precious fruit that is used to ...
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The Feast of Saint Rocco - the guardian of Brtonigla

Way up north, near the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, lies the small town of Brtonigla. Known as the “Small place of great discoveries”, this settlement was erected on a scenic hill on top of the remains of a former castle overlooking an emerald landscape. With much to discover, Brtonigla offers picturesque ...
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Smithies of happiness, challenge and fun

After a nice evening meal followed by a few cocktail drinks in one of Umag's lively bars - what is better than to visit one of Umag's casinos and try a bit of luck in gaming? Games of chance are probably as old as humanity itself. During the course of history the popular casino games got more and more sophisticated. ...
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Prestige Wellness & Spa, Casino Hotel Mulino

One of Europe’s striking casino clubs can be found in Hotel Mulino in Škrile on the very border of Croatia and Slovenia. Open non-stop, the club offers a wide range of card games, including black jack, a variety of poker games, and punto banco, one of several versions of baccarata. French and American roulette, games ...
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Umag's nightlife - concerts and clubs with top DJs!

Concerts of world famous musicians, electronic music by top DJs, rock nights or laughing your heart out with Stand Up Comedy – come to Umag and we promise you the best time of your life! The central events are the Europe-wide known Umagination festival in late May and Party Nights held during the Konzum Croatia Open ...
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