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Events in Umag as: Croatia Open Umag, Istria Gourmet Festival, Sepomaia viva, the International Festival of Chamber Theatre Golden Lion, and many other can be found on this page.


Sea Star festival

  • 27May
  • ~
  • 28May
Here in Umag, EXIT is cooking up another edition of Sea Star Festival, whose brilliant atmosphere has been praised by audience and performers alike. So far, in addition to winning two nominations for the best European festival, the past three festivals exceeded all expectations, drawing hordes of visitors to the magical Stella Maris lagoon in Umag.

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Event Location: Stella Maris, Umag


  • 10Jun
  • ~
  • 12Jun
Indirekt is an experience that breaks all the barriers between artists and visitors, dreams and reality. It is a wonderland full of unusual artists thrilling numerous visitors each year. So book a long weekend from 10 to 12 June and enjoy listening to one of a kind local and regional musicians and artists in an amazing ambiance of Croatia's westernmost cape.

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Event Location: Umag

Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag

  • 22Jul
  • ~
  • 31Jul
The thirty-second Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag tournament will be held in Umag from July 22 to July 31, 2022. The legendary tennis tournament and one of the longest-running sporting events in Croatia will once again host great tennis matches. At Goran Ivanišević Stadium in Stella Maris Resort, we will once again watch the tennis elite led by the best young tennis player in the world and last year's winner of the Umag tournament, Carlos Alcaraz.

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Event Location: Stella Maris, Umag

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