Naural attractions in Istria

Natural attractions in Istria

On foot, by bicycle or from a lookout – pick your own way to see fascinating natural attractions. Two rivers, valleys and hills, and hidden treasures such as Škarlina Park and Mramornica Cave are just a few of many natural beauties.  Natural beauties of Istria are merely a starting point for exploring. Getting a better insite into Istria continous through rich cultural offer and numerous locations that witness raptorous and rich history of past times.


Waterfall, lake, abyss – Butori

If you head from Buje towards Oprtalj, after the village of Marušići, you will find a signboard at a small crossroads that will lead you straight to the top of the mysterious Butori waterfall and abyss. Although this lesser known karst phenomenon in northwestern Istria is hidden from view, its beauty is simply inspiring. A 10m high waterfall runs out of Jugov creek and falls into a pool, then disappears into an abyss, creating a fairy-tale scene and a magical atmosphere.

Nature Park Škarline

Nature Park Škarline, Istria
To residents of the area, Nature Park Škarline is an inseparable part of local identity and holds an indelible place in the collective mind. Visitors to the area sometimes fail to discover this perfectly preserved nature park located only two kilometres from Brtonigla and named Škarline after the stream that springs in the park. Along its course to Mirna River, several kilometres to the south, the stream has created a luscious, green canyon, one of its kind in Istria. A two-kilometre macadam track leads from the village of Nova Vas, ...

A view from the belfry

Should you find yourself in Buje, walk along the old, stone-paved streets to the town’s ancient centre on the hill. On the main square, next to the resplendent Church of St. Servulus, stands a belfry dating back to the 15th century.
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Umag in National Geographic

Umag has caught the eye of National Geographic, one the world’s largest scientific and educational institution. Its list of the 10 best trips of summer 2011 published in late April includes Istria. The text includes a riveting photo of Umag's beach. The photo highlights winning attributes of Istria’s beaches which ...
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Mirna River delta – a special ornithological reserve

Together with Tarski Cove (Tarska vala) , the mouth of Mirna River covers an area of some 465 hectares, abounding in flora and fauna of which several-hundred bird species, and numerous amphibians, lizards and mammals are protected by law. The lagoons of the Mirna River delta and Tarski Cover are vital to the ...
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