Michelin recognitions of restaurants in northwestern Istria

Starry Eyed Istria

A great recognition was once again bestowed upon the Istrian gourmet scene this year, when the prestigious Michelin Guide 2018 listed a whopping 15 Istrian restaurants. Of the 15 restaurants chosen from the heart-shaped Croatian peninsula, 8 of them are located in our Northwestern province, a hub for traditional cuisine that has now been transformed into a must-visit gourmet destination. Keep reading for our short introduction to the big 8!

Damir & Ornella

First on the list, in alphabetical order, is Damir & Ornella. This family owned and operated restaurant is known for its raw fish specialities as well as menus that are presented orally rather than in traditional, printed style. Once you’ve eaten there, you’ll be officially considered part of the family!

Konoba Čok

Next up is Konoba Čok, serving fresh, first-class fish, caught by local fisherman, in a laid-back family atmosphere. The food here is straightforward and uncomplicated, prepared by the family’s son, while the parents exercise the long-standing Istrian tradition of hospitality by ensuring that their guests are well taken care of.

Konoba Morgan

For meat lovers, Konoba Morgan is a must. This restaurant serves up classic Istrian cuisine with an emphasis on meat dishes, not to forget their specialties of Istrian prosciutto and homemade pasta.


If you’re looking for a seaside atmosphere, Marina is the perfect choice. Located right across from the marina in Novigrad, this creative, classic and friendly restaurant serves only a select few dishes featuring fresh, local and in-season ingredients.


Also located near the sea is Pergola, a family-owned restaurant serving freshly caught and simply prepared fish and seafood. It even includes two apartments on the second floor above the restaurant for those who just can’t get enough of Istria and the cuisine!

San Rocco

Lastly, if you’re a romantic, head to San Rocco, located in Brtonigla, and enjoy a decadent meal in this hotel restaurant, situated in an elegant stone house just a few kilometers away from the sea.


The Badurina family restaurant in Lovrečica features modern interior décor and a modern menu with seafood creations. The house specialties are raw fish, bread-baked sea bass and Badi buzara. The kind, professional service makes the perfect addition to the delicious meals.

Konoba Buščina

Inspired by traditional Istrian cuisine, Konoba Buščina's culinary creations have been putting smiles on the faces of food lovers for more than 20 years. The fine details in this konoba's rustic interior, its friendly atmosphere, and its delicious fish and meat specialties show the feminine touch of its owner.

Planning a trip to Istria? Be sure to head northwest and add these restaurants to your culinary bucket list! We guarantee your tastebuds will thank you later.

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