Kapešante of Novigrad

Kapešante of Novigrad

True gourmets consider the pilgrim scallop of Novigrad, or kapešante as it is called locally, to be one of the tastiest shellfish in the world, because it grows in the Novigrad marine area where salty seawater mixes with fresh river water.

An Evening of Jacobs' Scallops in Novigrad

A gourmet festival entitled Kapešante of Novigrad is held each year in honour of this unique shellfish as part of GnamGnam Fest Novigrad-Cittanova, a series of gastronomic events held in Novigrad throughout the summer months. A table, several metres long and set at Mandrač, the town’s small port, is covered in delicacies made from scallops and dishes made from other Adriatic shellfish, as well as indigenous Istrian specialities such as prosciutto (dried Istrian ham) and cheese. The experience wouldn’t be complete without the wines and brandies of Istrian vintners.

You will also discover that Novigrad scallops and Istria’s best extra virgin olive oils are an excellent match. Those of you who have a sweet tooth are sure to enjoy the homemade marmalades and jams. And don’t miss the cooking show held by Novigrad’s best chefs.

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