Istrian beaches

Quality of Istrian Beaches

Within Istria, the air and water quality have been tracked systematically since 1980s, due to the active protection and preservation of natural environment.  
Since 1988, there have been regular sea measurements at the beaches in the Republic of Croatia, in accordance to the legal provisions harmonized to the EU international norms.  

The sea quality measurement programme at the Croatian shores of the Adriatic Sea starts with the bathing season, in May, and continues by the end of September. The measurement points for 7 coastal counties in Croatia are established along the whole coastal belt before the start of the season. The sea quality in 2014 was measured at the total of 917 beaches at the Adriatic, 203 of them being located in Istria.  

The sea measurements at the beaches are conducted every 15 days and the sea purity are thus analyzed dozen times during the bathing season.

The extremely well testing results acquired during the regular controls resulted in a large number of Blue flags throughout the coast of Istria.

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