Bicicliade ricreativa “Grisignana artistica“

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Grožnjan, the ancient Graeciniana - the town of artists, will host the fifth recreational bicycle ride in a row in June! “Artistic Grožnjan” is meant for everyone wishing to enjoy the most spectacular landscapes of north-western Istria on two wheels.

The 27 km-long trail starts in the centre of a picturesque town, is of medium difficulty and ridden on macadam, as well as down enchanting forest paths. The ride begins at 2 p.m. and passes through the villages of Bibali, Marušići, Kornarija and Martinčići. For unobstructed enjoyment, it is recommended to bring along an inner tube and protective helmet. The 30 kn participation fee includes drinks and refreshments during the ride.

At the beginning of the recreational route you will explore the old railway tracks, now revived as the Parenzana cycling trail. Bicycle ride “Artistic Grožnjan” will also lead through two attractive and preserved tunnels of the Parenzana, through which the train bearing the same name connected the towns of Poreč and Trieste between 1902-1935. The return to Grožnjan, a summer destination of numerous artists, is anticipated at around 5 p.m.


Recreational bicycle ride “Artistic Grožnjan” is an opportunity to spend time in nature gathering sports and cultural experiences and is intended for everyone wishing to spend the day in a pleasurable activity.

Join us in Grožnjan on June 20th with your tin pets!

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