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  • 16Sep ~ 18Sep

    The Holiday of Grapes

    Buje is a place of fertile fields and vineyards. It has a one-hundred year old tradition of celebrating and giving thanks for the produce of its land. In early times, the festival symbolically marked the start of the grape-harvesting season. Today, it is a prominent and well-known celebration with a variety of programmes, numerous games, tasting sessions, music and dance. Read more

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  • 11Aug ~ 13Aug
  • 22Jul

    In the kingdom of Muškat wine

    Enological and cultural manifestation "In the empire of Muscat" will be held at a picturesque location in the vicinity of the medieval Momiano castle. Momjanski Muškat is a dry, sweet istrian wine of a deep golden colour with an aroma reminiscent of wild carnations, roses and sage. Over the centuries, it has created its kingdom on the hills surrounding Momjan, a picturesque village near Buje. The tasting of this typically Istrian wine is a special pleasure and its fans will get an opportunity to taste Muscats presented by the Momiano Muscateers, winemakers Kozlović, Markežić, Sinković, Prelac and Brajko. Apart from the tasting, the visitors will also be treated to an interesting cultural program relating to Momiano history and the Momiano castle. The manifestation is primarily organized for purposes of valorisation of Momiano Muscat and presentation of the area of Momjan and Buje. Welcome! Read more

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  • 09Jun ~ 18Jun

    Festival dell'Istroveneto - Istro-venetian Festival

    The festival wants to promote and valorize the affluence of the Istro-venetian dialect and its linguistic diversity. The program consists of various segments: choir and vocal soloists fair, concerts of groups and individuals composing new songs in Istro-venetian dialect, theater groups with little plays in Istro-venetian, singing and video contest, website construction, round table on the topic of Istro-venetian and presentation of authors that have written or are still writing in Istro-venetian. Read more

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  • 31Aug ~ 06Sep

    International Organum histriae Festival

    During 20 years of activity, the International organ festival Organum Histriae executed many attractive programs through which the tendency was on the popularisation of organ cultural heritage and to raise awareness about the importance of its protection and restoration, also very important for development of cultural tourism in Istria. This year's 21st Organum Histriae, in the period from 31st of August till 6th of September 2020, will walk us through a few fantastic locations with performances held by excellent musicians. Read more

    Tags : Entertainment , Buje
  • 03May

    Oleum Olivarum Bike

    North-Western Istria's sports offer, rich in programmes and events, also features a recreational mountain bike race called "Oleum Olivarum Bike" scheduled for 4th May. Read more

    Tags : Sport , Biking , Buje
  • 02May ~ 03May

    Oleum olivarum in Krasica

    On May 2-3, Krasica, a picturesque village in the vicinity of Buje, will host the 23rd "Oleum olivarum", one of the oldest olive oil fairs in Croatia. Over time, the manifestation developed into an international festival of olive oils participated in by scientific-research institutions, olive growers and olive oil manufacturers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. Read more

    Tags : Food & Wine , Olive oil , Buje
  • 17Apr ~ 19Apr

    Asparagus Festivity

    From 17 till 19 April 2020, Kaštel nearby Buje will host an already traditional gastronomic manifestation, Asparagus Festival, which is once again waiting for you with a handful of interesting things and pleasures based on wild asparagus. Read more

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  • 07Jul

    Kanegra's Day

    Kanegra's Day for the fifth time is traditionally held in "Buffet Coco bar-u" Kanegra. 16:00-23:00 Special offer of food and drinks, 16:00 Beachvolley, 18:00-21:00 Children Programm, 21:00-24:00 Live Music - Estrada band. Read more

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  • 03Jul ~ 28Aug

    Buje Free Guided Tour

    Get to know the old town of Buje. Every Wednesday, in July and August, a free guided tour from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, in English, German, Italian and Croatian by licenced tourist guides. Read more

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  • 09Feb ~ 11Mar

    Wellness Moments in Istria

    Are you longing for full rest for body and soul? Are you looking for repose from everyday stress? Have you decided to treat yourself with beauty treatment, massage or sauna? The Northwestern Istria is just what you need! The Wellness Moments are offering you an excellent opportunity to experience all advantages of relaxation in modern wellness centres in Novigrad and Buje. In the period between 9 February and 11 March, the Aminess hotels & campsites Novigrad and Casino Hotel Mulino companies are offering rich thematic wellness programmes, interesting wellness packages and services with special advantages. Read more

    Tags : Buje , Wellness & Sea , Novigrad
  • 23Apr

    Istrianissima- a vintage bicycle race

    Get your favourite vintage bike out of your garage, or rent one and register for the Istrianissima - a retro gourmet bicycle race through northwestern Istria. Come to Kaštel on Saturday the 23th of April, and you will be warmly greeted with welcome drinks in company of a group of bicyclists over 60 and members of the Grožnjan Mountain Bike Club. At 10AM, the old-school pedalling will begin, taking you through Istria's green landscapes to well-known winemakers, wine cellars, and the artsy town of Grožnjan. Read more

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  • 14Nov ~ 30Nov

    Days of Momjan Muscat and Truffles

    Autumn brings plenty of gourmet manifestations in Northwest Istria. One of them will take place in Momjan on the occasion of St. Martin's Day (locally known as Martinje). Local winemakers and caterers will offer menus combining white truffle and Momjan Muscat as the Momjan Muscat and Truffle Days take place from 14 - 30 November 2016. Read more

    Tags : Food & Wine , Winemakers , Truffles , Buje
  • 01Dec ~ 31Dec

    December in Buje

    From 1st till 31st December, a rich cultural, entertainment and artistic program “December in Buje” will be held in Buje for the third time. If you still haven’t chosen gifts for your loved ones, you can do so at the St. Nicholas fair to be held from 3th till 5th December. Read more

    Tags : Buje
  • 20Sep

    Eko-bike marathon

    MTB Eko bike marathon will be held in Buje, Sunday 20 September, during the celebration of the Grape Day. Buje has a one-hundred year old tradition of celebrating and giving thanks for the produce of its land. The participants will gather and start at the Liberty Square at 10.30. The bike trail is 32 km long, and while driving on country roads near Buje, you will enjoy the true labyrinth of vineyards and olive groves. Read more

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  • 01May

    Equestrian tournament Istra Cup

    In Buje, the 1st of May will be held Istra Cup, the 4th international equestrian tournament in show jumping. The tournament is situated in sport area of Buje and starts at 1 pm. The 3rd Istra Cup includes four matches hight from 0,80 to 1,10 m. Three matches are standard, but the last one is so-called „relay race“ in which show jumping is the main criteria. Speed is also marked as a indicator to who might become a winner. The competitors will interchange after every lapse until the racecourse ends. It depends of the numer of members in every single team. The third match is scoring for the Cup of Istra finals wich will be held the 14th September in Medulin. Read more

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  • 30Jul ~ 03Aug

    Vizura Aperta

    Vizura Aperta is an international multimedia festival to be held for the thirteenth year in a row in the small Istrian town of Momjan located immediately by the Slovenian and Italian borders. The topic of this year's festival is friendship, through which the joint projects of teams whose work is based on friendship and works dealing with the topic of friendship are encouraged and presented. Read more

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