Capo Vina

Address: Fernetići 60
Postal code: 52474 Brtonigla

Phone: +385 52 774 401
Mobile (GSM): +385 91 230 0937

Capo Vina

About us

We are young and in love. In love with the area our vinery is situated in: with blue skies, wild flowers, fresh air, earth, people and the aroma of authentic Istrian cuisine.

Youth makes us passionate, courageous and full of enthusiasm. We are not afraid to embrace these magical surroundings and transform them into wine, because the colour, scent and taste of Istrian land can only be evoked through wine.

Vineyards and types of wine

Our vineyards of 15 year old vines are located in the picturesque village of Fernetići, in the vicinity of Brtonigla, on the red ground of the region whose beauty, mild climate and lustrous vegetation leave everyone breathless.

Our offer of fresh wines includes Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Muscat yellow and Sauvignon white.

In late 2011, we launched a line of aged wines, CAPO Stellae, named after the signs of the zodiac the characteristics of which they share. The first wines from the line appearing on the market are Sagittarius 2009 (Sauvignon white), Libra 2009 (Chardonnay), Virgo 2009 (Istrian Malvasia) and Gemini 2009 (Pinot Noir). We are expecting to round-off the CAPO Stellae assortment and line with two more red wines, Cabernet Franc and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (Taurus) by late 2012.

Cellar and tasting room

We opened the door of our vinery in 2009. Vinery and tasting room for fifteen persons is situated in Frenetići.

Awards and recognitions

Vinistra 2010. - gold medal for Cabernet Franc 2009, silver for Chardonnay 2009
Vinistra 2011 - gold medals for Cabernet Franc 2009 and Taurus 2009, silver for Muscat yellow 2009, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 and extra virgin olive oil, selection 2010
International Wine Challenge 2011 - silver medal for Istrian Malvasia 2009, recommendation for Chardonnay 2009

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