Kayaking on Mirna

Kayaking on Mirna River

On its way to the Adriatic, with its mouth near Novigrad, the longest Istrian river of Mirna gradually spreads, slows down and almost stops. As such, at its lower flow, situated in the north-western Istria, Mirna is just perfect for still water kayaking and canoeing.

That was discovered by the Central European canoeists and kayakers a long time ago, and they gladly chose Novigrad and Umag to prepare for competitions, taking the advantage of the nearby hotels and camps for comfortable accommodation and the mild climate and picturesque landscapes for pleasant training.

Sports and pristine nature meet on the banks of the river Mirna

Surely, there is no doubt that the landscapes around Mirna give an added value to the kayakers. It is worth mentioning that river Mirna's mouth is an invaluable biotope of protected bird species and it represents only a part of the rich natural system that occurred at the intersection of the sea and river forces in this part of Istria.

A ride along the Mirna for experienced and amateur kayakers alike

If you want to try Kayaking on Mirna, there are several varieties. There are organized tours, but those who are more likely to take part in adventure can set sailing in their own arrangement and choose the spot to sail out from. The boats and the oars can also be rented.

Novigrad and Brtonigla made significant steps in affirmation of kayaking and canoeing, and the Istrian population that tried those sports were not disappointed either. Just the opposite, kayak proved as an abundant mixture of sports, nature and adventure. Truly, there is no better place for still water kayaking than the river Mirna, which seems to invite to new adventures, and it shows its mild nature and patience even if its name (the word “mirna” in Croatian means “still”).


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