Karpinjan Beach

The Karpinjan beach in Novigrad encompasses approx. 500 m of the seashore in the similar bay north of this romantic town. A large part of this coastal area is organized and covered with pebbles, while in the lesser part the beach retained its wild outlook and rocky entrance into the sea.

Karpinjan beach is just one kilometre from the centre of Novigrad.Karpinjan beach is only 1 km away from the city. You can reach it if you follow the illuminated walking and cycling path, and the road access is also available – you only need to leave your car at the dedicated areas.

Although located near the town, Karpinjan beach is an excellent choice for taking a break from summer crowd and heat. It is protected by a high pine belt, there is no traffic, and with the large area of sea shallows, it is especially popular among the families with young children.

Family beach

It is equipped with :
  • Showers and benches
  • Public toilet
Sport facilities :
  • Tennis
  • Basketball courts
  • Futsal and volleyball fields

Apart from that, next to Karpinjan beach you can also find the pizza parlour, confectionery and a cafe bar.

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