Mandrač - small fishermen’s port in Novigrad

Mandrač - A Safe Haven

The nature has always made itself shelters and bulwarks from the stormy winds, high sea waves and the tempests. Such shelters, bays or “mandrač” areas, became places where people stayed, and it served as a shelter to the first settlers who established a small village in this area.

History of Novigrad Mandrač

Novigrad was first mentioned in historical records dating from the 7th century.

The region was also inhabited in ancient times. Throughout history, Novigrad has been at the crossroads of tumultuous historical events, as witnessed by its numerous monuments and archaeological sites.

Central place of activities and gatherings

Throughout the times, Mandrač in Novigrad became the central part of business activities as a small fishermen’s port for local ships and the fish trade. Novigrad is, thanks to its long fishermen’s tradition, closely connected to its local population which gathers in the Mandrač bay even today, enjoying the sea food and everyday socialising with good wine and great music.

Today, Novigrad is a small fishing town with a rich cultural and historical heritage, authentic Istrian cuisine, beautiful coastline, clean sea and various sports facilities.

As one of the most recognizable symbols of Novigrad, it gives the city and its surrounding areas a special charm, especially during summer nights with Mediterranean sentiment.

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