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Umag Tennis Academy

Umag Tennis Academy, located on the shore of the Katoro Resort, is the official regional centre of the Croatian Tennis Association. It is one of the most modern tennis centres in Europe, owing to the highest construction standards and the quality of its infrastructure, accommodation and related amenities.

The centre is not accidentally situated in Umag, since tennis is exactly what the town is renowned for, owing to 25 years of tradition of the ATP tournament, representing the apex of the tourist season and one of the most significant sporting and social events in Croatia.

Academy amenities

Umag Tennis Academy has 26 tennis courts: 25 clay and one hard court. Four clay courses are indoor and eight illuminated, ensuring their availability throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions or time of the day.

Apart from the tennis courts, the Academy also includes the Tennis Centre House with the following amenities:

  • reception desk
  • info centre
  • gym and fitness centre
  • saunas
  • massage and diagnostic rooms
  • locker rooms
  • tennis equipment store
  • restaurant and bar
  • recreational zone with trim paths in the immediate vicinity of the Tennis Centre House.

Diverse program and experienced coaches

The Academy employs experienced coaches who speak foreign languages. They will take care that members of all generations and players of different profiles - from beginners to advanced players - learn or improve their tennis skills. You can choose between lower intensity Tennis Fun programme or full intensity Tennis Intensive programme.Weekend tournaments and individual tennis lessons complete the diverse offer of the Umag Academy.

The tennis academy is attended by children from all over the world, most return and some families even subordinate most of their holiday to their child and decide to spend it in Umag just because of the tennis academy and its varied program.

From Tennis Camp to Tennis Academy

School of tennis named Tennis Camp Umag was established in 2008. Tennis Camp Umag organized individual and group tourist tennis tournaments, offered the option of hiring individual or group tennis coaches, organization of sparing matches, court and equipment rental and other services. Tennis Camp Umag has since been transformed into a modern Tennis Academy with additional amenities and programmes.

Umag Tennis Academy
Katoro bb, Umag
Tel: +385 52 701 092 E-mail:

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