Horse Riding

Katoro Horse Riding Club

Katoro Horse Riding Club, that has been actively stimulating the development and the promotion of horse riding in Umag and its surroundings for already five years, will offer you an entertaining holiday within the green surroundings. The main stimulators of these sport are the club founders, professional riders as well as the horse and horse-riding lovers.

The horse riding club’s whole year offer:

  • organisation of the horse-riding school
  • various activities for children with special needs
  • seasonal work with guests such as riding within the fenced riding ground
  • terrain riding
  • a walk on the horseback in the nature for beginners with the ensured professional guidance

The Katoro Club is proud of its seven certified riders so that the horse riding schools for children and adults take place under the guidance of the certified coach. The progress in the horse riding is ensured with a lot of effort and renunciation when passing from the basic horse riding to the higher disciplines such as show jumping.

You can participate, actively or solely as an observer of the exciting horse riding tournament that gathers the best riders from Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.

Konjički centar "Umag"
Jurcanija b.b. Umag - Katoro
Tel.: +385 98 206 129

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