Bike experts in Istrian Bike Hotels

If you want top cycling services, look for accommodation at the biking hotels: the Aminess Maestral in Novigrad and the Sol Garden Istra in Umag. Both hotels are providing their own roadbike experts from 2013, that is, the hotel's own expert in road biking.

By providing this facility in the bike segment, the Aminess Maestral Hotel and the Sol Garden Istra have at the same time become the only hotels in Croatia to offer this service, following the example of similar hotels in the Austrian Salzkammergut or the Southern Tirol.

The Role of the Hotel Roadbike Expert

How can the hotel roadbike expert actually simplify your holiday on two wheels in Northwest Istria?

  • The roadbike expert is the person who is responsible for the complete offer of biking products, bringing together all levels of the biking world.
  • He is the person in the hotel who is available to all guests to answer all their questions related to what is available for cyclists in northwestern Istria, for organizing and guiding one-day tours for recreational and professional cyclists, and also giving information about services for the entire group.
  • The roadbike expert can also provide you with a GPS device hire service, and instructions on its use.
  • Also, with him around, you do not need to worry about the safety and condition of the cycling routes, since he knows every inch of the way. He tours them regularly and takes care that they are well-serviced at all times. He also maintains the signposting ensuring that it is precise and reliable.

You will also meet the hotel roadbike expert if you take part in one of the cycling events in north-western Istria, such as the Istria Granfondo, the Istrian Spring and the Umag Trophy and during other cycling events, when you can ask him for assistance and advice.

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