Bike events of Northwestern Istria

A significant number of successfully organized recreational and professional cycling manifestations was held in northwestern Istria.

The events are international and a growing number of foreign and domestic bike tourists, mountain bikers and road cyclists are signing up for them. The participants are of different ages and physical predispositions and come in different combinations.

Bike events 2019:

New year's bike ride Umag MTB 01.01.
Befana Bike tour Marušići MTB 06.01.
Winter League Istria and Kvarner Novigrad MTB 10.02.
Trophy Umag Umag Road 06.03.
Istrian Spring Umag Road 14.-17.03.
Mushroom MTB ride Umag MTB 07.04.
Bike race on the occasion of the sport fair Umag MTB 14.04.
MTB spring Parenzana Vižinada MTB 22.04.
Istrianissima Kaštel Road 27.04.
Familiy bike ride Novigrad MTB 01.05.
Oleum Olivarum Bike Krasica MTB 04.05.
Umag bike Umag MTB 05.05.
Marušići Bike tour Marušići MTB 30.06.
MTB Bike tour Radini - Memorial Slavko Greblo Radini MTB 21.07.
MTB Juricani Juricani MTB 04.08.
San Rocco Bike tour Brtonigla MTB 15.08.
Diro od Cittanove Novigrad MTB 25.08.
A Day withouth cars Umag MTB 22.09.
Valica bike tour Valica MTB 29.09.
Istria Granfondo Umag-Novigrad Road 18.-20.10.
Istria Granfondo Family and Gourmet tour Novigrad MTB 20.10.
Wine Bike marathon Momjan Momjan MTB 10.11.

Where sports and pleasure meet

Over 15 recreational bicycle rides take place in Northwestern Istria every year, mostly between March and October, although some are held in the winter months, owing to its mild climate. Some of them have a 15-year-long tradition and loyal participants who return every year.

Thematic routes

They are frequently thematically conceived and related to the specific offer of the region. They invite to asparagus excursions, wine bike marathon in Momjan, Parenzana railway quest or into Završje, recalling the hidden beauties of that town upon a hill.

Apart from recreational, northwestern Istria also hosts important world cup races! Istrian spring, the demanding stages of which traverse the entire Istrian peninsula and Trophy Umag, a popular road stage race offering an opportunity to test your strength at the beginning of the main cycling season, both made it into the calendar of Union Cycliste International.

The Istria Granfondo cycle marathon

In 2012, the cycle of a new big road bicycle race Istria Granfondo began on the territories of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla. Granfondo is a special type of cycling event, gaining global popularity, which recently spread from Europe into the United States. The ride is massive, non-competitive and open to everyone, while still allowing a certain degree of competitiveness for those aiming to win.

Istria Granfondo passes all across northwestern Istria and is organized in several stages. Attractive rides are intended for amateurs and families with children, while others can choose between the shorter or the longer route, respectively 85 and 155 km long.

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