Bike friendly points

The perfect support for your cycling adventure

Bike Friendly Point is the newest innovative service in the Northwest Istria cluster and is aimed at all cyclists.

A Bike Friendly Point is a specially equipped corner in a hospitality facility or other service provider. It is located in the vicinity of a cycling trail and offers an array of services for cyclists in case of need. Bike Friendly Points allow cyclists to fix their bikes themselves with basic tools and spare parts, and to access relevant information.

Discover everything that Bike Friendly Points in Northwest Istria provide you.

What the BFP sign guarantees:

  •  informative cycling trail maps and cycling brochures
  •  contact numbers (services, transfer, bike taxi, emergency assistance)
  •  download of GPS information for cycling trails
  •  Wi-Fi
  •  a bike rack
  •  tools and sprays for bike service
  •  pumping tyres
  •  inner tubes
  •  external tyres

Additional offer:

  •   bike washing (hose, cloths, sponges)

All of the facilities that applied for the Project had to meet the prescribed standards and implement the services and infrastructure necessary to be awarded a Bike Friendly Point sign located at a visible spot at the entrance to the facility.

Bike Friendly points:

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