Stari Kaštel

Address: Kaštel 85, Buje

Phone: +385 52 777 011
Mobile (GSM): +385 993 459 570

Stari Kaštel

About us

Once the temple of Venus, later a Roman fortress, today it is a restaurant where past and present meet. Discover its exquisite cuisine based on Istrian culinary tradition with influences of the Mediterranean yet with a contemporary approach. Explore the fabulous taste of Adriatic sea food, home-made meat, Istrian truffles, and home-made pasta which is prepared according to our grandmothers’ recipes.


The menu of the restaurant Stari Kaštel consists of culinary delights that are a perfect combination of modern and traditional influences. The restaurant serves traditional Istrian food with a modern twist. The dishes are prepared with high quality seasonal ingredients and the menu is being continuously updated in order to provide our guests the best culinary experience. The recipes are simple and original, the ingredients carefully selected and the dishes rich and colourful.The excellent Istrian wines are a must as they pair with the food perfectly.

The dishes are prepared with the best local ingredients such as meat, clams, fish, olive oil, asparagus, fuži (traditional Istrian pasta), truffles, cheese, gnocchi and prosciutto (a traditional ham). The inspiration for the recipes comes from the many delicious local dishes that our chefs prepare with the best techniques and a lot of care. Our chefs pay the utmost attention in selecting traditional Istrian ingredients. The restaurant Stari Kaštel is therefore the home of culinary delights that are prepared with the best seasonal local ingredient.


Working hours: 12:00-23:00
GPS: Latitude: 45.450358 Longitude: 13.653863

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