Badi Seafood Restaurant

Owner: Mileva Badurina
Address: Umaška 12, Lovrečica
Postal code: 52470 Umag

Phone: +385 52 756 293
Fax: +385 52 742 458
Mobile (GSM): +385 98 903 5535

Badi Seafood Restaurant

About us

A small and attractive place in Istria; Lovrečica near Umag was in the year 1986 enriched with a fantastic, restaurant, with seafood specialties, the restaurant Badi. It was a great event for Lovrečica. The owner of the restaurant put quality on the first place from the beginning till today, what was well recognized by guests and was also one of the main reasons why they do come back again.

The restaurant is primarily known for it’s fish specialties in emphasis with the original authentic Istrian cuisine.

The restaurant Badi is a modern, warm, clean environment with friendly staff. Ideal for any occasion: family celebrations, business dinners , small weddings, christenings, communions, confirmations...


The lovers of fish and seafood can enjoy many fish specialities prepared in several ways, raw shrimp, raw clams, mussels, grilled or prepared in stew (Scallops, clams, smooth scalops, sea truffles).

We offer daily extremely fresh fish prepared in many interesting ways. Our first recommended speciality is the fish in bread, then fish in salt in the oven, grilled shrimp, shrimp stew, grilled lobster, prawns, and the fantastic seashell stew "Badi" which is made up of shrimp, lobster and different shells with tagliatelle.

We have a very large selection of warm appetizers: tagliatelle "Badi" (with shrimp and truffles) home made noodel “pljukanci” with shrimp and truffles, pasta with shrimp, risotto with shrimp, black cuttlefish risotto, risotto with shrimp and mushrooms, risotto with shrimp and wild asparagus, green gnocchi with shrimp, cuttlefish black gnocchi with scampi, homemade ravioli stuffed with fish, shrimp, fish, vegetables, overflowing with various sauces . . Our annual offer matches allways with the season.

For our meat lovers, we offer a variety of steaks, fillet steak Istrian, T-Bone steak and chicken and turkey for children. The restaurant is opened during the whole year.

So we do always take part in the various annual manifestations organized by the Tourist Board of Umag, such as Asparagus Days, Days of Sole fish, Truffle Days, Mushroom Days, Days of shellfish, squid Days... etc.

The offer also includes homemade pies, cakes, ice cream sundaes, desserts such as Istrian krostuli or fritule. This course will also select wines of Istrian wine, dessert wine, sweet wine Muškat Istrian, Croatian and other wines from Italy.


The restaurant was awarded for its quality on several occasions, as the best restaurant in Istria and Kvarner, the Croatian chamber of economy included it for the fifth time included in 100 best Croatian restaurants. Last year, in the Novi Sad Fair it was awarded with the golden medal for quality.


Working hours: 12:00-15:00 and 18:00-23:00, closed on Wednesday

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