Farma Jola

Owner: Jolanta Pavlović
Address: Crveni vrh
Postal code: 52475 Savudrija

Phone: +385 52 737 045
Mobile (GSM): +385 98 905 8935

Farma Jola

About us

Omajolas olives grow outside of the old town of Savudrija on an airy slope near the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. A beautiful path lined with romantic benches and plenty of flowers which emit a pleasant scent surrounds the olive grove and invites you to take a walk.

Among the trees there is a Tuscan style hacienda with our business premises, production plant and warehouse. It is actually difficult to believe that the best olive oil is produced behind those walls.

Istria/Croatia gives olive oil of the topmost quality. Istria is one of the northernmost areas in Europe where olives can be grown. Olive oil was highly appreciated since the Roman period as the symbol of the Mediterranean, health and joy.

For thousands of years olive has been the trademark of Istria in the best sense of the word. The earliest written records from early Greek and Roman periods were made owing to olives, or, to be more precise, to olive oil.

Istria olive oil is still a byword for the best oil - of the best quality - and is used as a benchmark in the categorization of other oils.


Omajola´s BIO olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil should be delicious, but before all it should be HEALTHY, just like OMAJOLAS BIO OLIVE OIL. We make only “extra virgin olive oil” with a unique taste and of unique quality. We grow 2000 olive trees on 120,000 m² using exclusively organic farming, i.e. we completely avoid the use of chemical and synthetic fertilizers, crop protection products and herbicides.

The distance between planted trees is 7x7 m, so that our olives get sufficient light and air. We use exclusively our own olives in the production of olive oil, and we do not mill olives for other producers, since this is the only way we can guarantee supreme quality. Olives are processed in our own cutting-edge production plant where they are cold pressed and stored immediately after harvest.

In order to gain the complete trust of our clients, our oil is analysed in an accredited laboratory. Analysis results are printed on the label on each bottle.

Omajola´s BIO olive leaf tea
Omajola´s BIO olive leaf tea is produced from the leaves of our organically grown olive trees and has a pleasant mild, aromatic, slightly bitter, green taste.

Olive leaves contain some extremely important bioactive ingredients, including oleuropein which has antibacterial properties (fights bacteria), antivirus properties (fights viruses) and antimycotic properties (fights fungus). Oleuropein is a strong polyphenol antioxidant found in the leaves, fruits and bark of olive trees. This is the ingredient which protects the tree from insects, bacteria, virus and fungus. Various researches have been conducted and valuable insights gained into the positive effects of the ingredients of olive leaves.

We pick olive leaves manually once per year between February and April and wash, dry, chop and pack them in our cutting-edge production plant. Omajola´s Bio olive leaf tea is 100% made out of our olive leaves which also undergo laboratory analysis once per year.

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