Owner: Michelle Babić
Address: Stancija Vinjeri 27
Postal code: 52466 Novigrad

Phone: +385 98 335 460
Fax: +385 52 758 701


About us

Oil mill Babić is a family company created out of love for olives and olive oil.

We make first class extra virgin olive oil-liquid green gold, by processing healthy olives hand-picked and on time, grown on own plantation of 10 ha of land, by combining knowledge with latest technology.

The whole procedure of extraction does not exceed the temperature of 27 °C, so everything good (phenols and vitamins) of olives remains in the oil.

Oil tasting

We invite our guest to come to the magical world of tastes and smells where everybody can find something for them; extra virgin olive oil of strong flavour and aroma sort Belica, intended for gourmands who are used to the characteristic aroma of olive oil and use it as a dominating note in preparing food, and also extra virgin olive oil of soft flavour and aroma sort Leccino and Buza Puntoza made for those who are aware of unique value of olive oil, but are not used to its intense aroma...

Awards and recognitions

Flos Olei 2010.;2011.;2012.
Olea 2012., Gold medal
Dani masline Zadar 2011.,Gold medal
Maslina Split 2010., Gold medal
Oleum Olivarum 2009., Gold medal

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