Squirrel Park in Umag

Squirrel Park

In Umag, squirrels can turn a stroll along the shore in the shade of majestic pines into fun for the whole family. These frisky, unpredictable little animals are a delight to watch.

The squirrel forest near the Meliá Coral hotel

Squirrels are exceptionally widespread in the Umag area, and in their honour, the people of Umag have founded Squirrel Park, an eco-project, where the squirrel population is heavily concentrated. Located not far from Hotel Melia Coral, the park with its wooden benches has become a favourite site to visit for people of all ages. Information points have also been set up providing interesting and useful information about the different species of squirrels.

Adress: Katoro bb, 52470, Umag
Tel: +385 52 701 000

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