Camping in Istria

Hotels and campsites "Friends of the Environment"

When a campsite or hotel recycles waste, saves energy and water, grows indigenous plants without the use of pesticides, uses local organic products and encourages the use of bicycles instead of cars, it shows true concern for its environment and commitment to protecting natural resources. Actually, this is how anyone engaged in tourism should act.

The environmentally aware hotels and campsites of Novigrad and Umag do more than just adhere to high environmental standards prescribed by law.

As a result, in April 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction awarded:

... with the Eco-sign “Friends of the Environment” for meeting high environmental standards. They will carry the sign for a period of two years.

How did they earn this award?

Aminess Maestral Hotel, belonging to the company Laguna Novigrad, uses separators for waste oils and fats. It uses pressed horse manure as a fertiliser for the indigenous plants growing on the lawns surrounding the hotel. Used fabrics and hotel furniture are donated to a variety of associations and institutions. In addition, it provides its guest with bicycles for a ride into town or along the shore.

The Campsite Mareda, also a part of Laguna Novigrad, follows in the hotel’s “ecological footsteps”, and organises “green workshops”. In addition to bicycles, the camp’s guests can also use eco-vehicles and motorless carts.

Hotel Sol Garden Istra was proclaimed the most energy-efficient hotel in 2008. The hotel uses heat pumps, and all paints and varnishes used in decorating and maintaining the hotel are water based. It also separates organ waste and has its own composting unit. The hotel’s restaurant offers domestic products. Bicycles are available to guests.

The Campsite Camping Park Umag, also of Istraturist, is one of the best and most-awarded camps in the Adriatic. It has a unique Eco-park where guests can learn about the Istrian way of life, Istrian customs, and native vegetation. The campsite uses rainwater and recycled water for irrigation and flush-toilets.

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