Nature and environment in Istria

Nature & Environment in Istria

Growing awareness of sustainable development and enviornment protection is resounding throughout north-western Istria. Up to date, the need for environmental protection, and aligning tourism development and nature, has resulted in a series of eco-actions and green initiatives, focused, among other things, on educating children and young people to embrace high standards regarding nature and environment.


Eco-Games for Kids’ Fun Holiday

Eco-Games and family holidays in Istria
Long awaited holiday is the chance for a family to get together, to create memories of the moments spent together which children take with them as something dear and precious. Children always seek for new adventures so it is important to enable them the creative fun with their peers. If the fun is also educative, the more benefit it is for them. Not only that the value of their advancing and joy is priceless, but parents can also have the opportunity to spend some quality holiday time alone. From the early age children show great ...

Life along the sea and rivers

Mirna river, Istria
The geographical position of north-western Istria has greatly influenced historical and economic events in this part of the peninsula and shaped the lives of its inhabitants. Waterways make up the natural boundaries on three sides of this area. The lovely Umag-Novigrad region is located between two rivers. To the south is Mirna River, Istria’s longest river, and to the north, Dragonja River, which is the border to neighbouring Slovenia. To the west is the third aquatic barrier, the Adriatic Sea. Each of these bodies of water has left ...

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