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Robert Parker on Istrian wines

Robert Parker - leading wine reviewer

Robert Parker is a name that sets global trends on the wine market and decides the fate of many a wine. So, in 2010 when this leading wine reviewer cast his gaze on Croatian wines for the first time, a lot of people held their breaths. Even though Croatian vintners have made their name in many European countries, they were aware that doing the same in the USA would be no easy matter.

Malvazija Amfora, a wine of the Kabola Wine Cellar

Rejoicing followed anxious moments of expectation. Scoring 90 points out of 100 on the Robert Parker scale, Malvazija Amfora, a wine of the Kabola Wine Cellar owned by Marin Markežić, was one of the two highest ranked Istrian wines.

This historical moment also brought praise to other labels from northwestern Istria, such as Gran Teran 2006 of Coronica, while two 2009 Malvasia Istriana wines produced by Kozlović reaped glittering success. Sveti Jakov, a Malvasia Istriana of the Clai Wine Cellar, also received a high score.

The wind tasting was held in London. An account of Parker’s review with encouraging comments on the great advances in the quality and production of Croatian wines can be found at

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